Friday, March 05, 2010

River Market: How I Love Thee

Posted by Mandy at 9:33 AM

One of the most fun places to take the kids that there is no admission fee. The River Market in Little Rock. Now, don't get me wrong... it isn't free. If you walk through the Downtown area you will pass too many yummy treats to make it out of here without forking over some cash. (the ice cream place, the AWESOME pizza place, and the places that get rid of the I'm thirsties.) Worth it entirely, though!

This began many shouts of "Dum Dum, give me gum gum." from the big kids. (from Night at the Museum... hardy har har)

Daddy helping Samuel climb out of the tunnels.

"Made it."

Whew! We all made it... and I'm pretty sure that after we climbed down we noticed that that was 'not' an allowed climbing spot. Oops.

This is after Carter learned how to spit off of the bridge... thanks to his father. Later in the day he learned the importance of not spitting into the wind.

I don't know why but the kids were more excited about this pig than ANYTHING else we saw.. including the submarine. Go figure.

I have others to post but no time today! We did and saw everything we could and walked many miles in the few hours we were there.

We'll actually be going back this weekend - but not for this! Clayton will be running the half-marathon... or attempting to run it. ;) I will try to stick it out long enough to cheer him on from start to finish. Wish him luck!


The Pipster on Friday, 05 March, 2010 said...

Mandy, what fun! Especially the tunnels. Now I know what to do if we visit Little Rock.

Whitney on Saturday, 06 March, 2010 said...

Ohhh!! I love the River Market!! I always like looking in the galleries. Today was the first beautiful spring day here, too. I bopped around Atl. to enjoy it - glad y'all got to enjoy the River Market!

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