Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Life Listed

Posted by Mandy at 2:13 PM
Contrary to what some might think, I haven't actually dropped off the face of the planet. I have just been like so many of you out there - CRAZY BUSY.

I've missed blogging so much, so I figured I'd pop in and do a quick list of things in my head or goings on right now to wrap this up fast for you all:

* Obama-Care... I STILL haven't got a freaking clue what this means for me but I'm pretty sure it will mean that eventually I'll have more taxes to pay and since I currently have awesome health insurance I'm quite certain it will be less awesome this time 12 months from now.

* The crazy rapist/murderer guy that had already been convicted of this TWICE and still managed to get out and do it AGAIN is now caught.. again.. and is supposedly 'really' going to be executed this time. Yeah.. sure he will.

*How the crap is it literally snowing here one day and 75 degrees the next?

* Getting connected with another girl from the Baptist Home and it rocks.. she's super sweet and I see great things for all of us together in the future. "A" is still as much a part of our lives as before... so now we're plus 2 from time to time.

* Sam's almost 100% potty trained as of this week. Praise the Lord! No more poop in diapers!

* I have more work this week than I've ever had.. ever. I've had to turn down a lot of people which is both awesome and totally sucky all at the same time. Clayton and I are looking forward to moving to a place that we can really build a big business on - and get this thing rolling even more!

* House re-finance will be done TOMORROW so goodbye credit card debt!! Oh great day!

* Kids are out for spring break and it rocks. We have had trips to the park, nature walks, and tons of playtime and card games. Madison is ready to go back to school already. She misses her teacher and her friends. That's good I guess...??

* Carter's playing ball this year and he loves it! His coach keeps laughing about how easy going he is.. and praising him for being so obedient. If only he knew the battles we fought to get to this point! :)

* Oprah's being sued for defamation... who goes after Oprah? Bad idea!

* Hubby is almost done on the highway - as in this Saturday is his last day as 'Trooper Moss' and April 1 he'll be "Special Agent Moss" with the cool new family friendly schedule. (eventually.. after training is done.) Oh and the angels sang...

* I am READY to move.. or build a house... or whatever. As in.. now.  Please. Hoping to get 'something' going in the next couple of months after we see how our finances change with the new mortgage and lack of credit card payments.

* I miss you all! This week and next are just nuts for me with dog boarding, daycare, AND dogs that people are bringing to me to keep for training. I am so blessed that my kids also love dogs and I'm paying them to help me out by taking the little ones out to potty and fill water bowls and such. We don't pay for regular chores but this is something I feel they can earn some cash by helping out with, and it helps me so much!

* What have I missed?! I'm barely able to watch the news because my mornings consist of heading to town to walk and feed outside dogs at their homes and the rest of my day is spent being mommy and crazy dog lady at home. I think I'm in a bubble here!

*OH.. I did get to go on a FAB shopping trip with my  mom and sister. Justice for Madison, Children's Place for the boys (and Madison..) and EXPRESS for me.. yeah baby! Oh how I've missed that store! FYI: Their Editor collection of pants and walking shorts are awesome.

That's a quick sum up of what's been going on in my head and life. Enjoy.


Me on Wednesday, 24 March, 2010 said...

I have been wondering what you are up have been quiet..I was going to call you, but this week is crazy for me like it is for you. I want to hear all about your new little girl...I was wondering when that would happen.

We've had 2 great things here. Clay got hired full time at his job he had, he loves it, and it pays more than he expected, and great benefits!!

Second, we got news that we can adopt both boys!! The meeting had a unimous decision...and the family went to the judge to try to appeal, and were turned now we just have to wait for our other appeal to be over, and we can adopt!

So, pretty big things going on here. I feel like we are finally out of our low place for now, and it is feeling great!

Mandy on Thursday, 25 March, 2010 said...

I know!! I got your message about the boys and I have been on cloud 9 for you guys since! I swear girl, I feel like you and I both have been walking through the Valley of the Shadow of Darkness and are now, finally, not fearing evil! ;) Thank God for his faithfulness in ALL things!

If you want to chit chat call me at 12:00 noon or at like 9pm. lol Any other time and I'm a loony toon. ;)

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