Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rescued a Horse Today

Posted by Mandy at 11:31 AM
Today I went to the pound and rescued a wild horse... I mean a huge dog. She is a Pitt Bull Terrier that appears to be pure-bred and has been in there for around two months. She was SOOO excited to get out that she nearly drug me down the driveway! I ran her around the pound area for a while to try to get SOME of her energy out and then opened the back hatch of the van. To my shock she leaped right in and lay down on the towel I had for her! She looked completely relieved to be going away from that place. (away from constant concrete, freezing weather, and barking dogs...)

Realizing that she is definitely the strongest, though not the largest, dog I've ever rescued, I had to devise a plan for what I would do when we arrived home. She had to know from second one that she is NOT in charge.

Clayton took Samuel into the house and I opened the back of the van. She tried to leap out and I blocked her..making her calm down. After several minutes she finally sat down, gave me eye contact, and her body language obviously changed to show she was calmer. Then I called her out. After that she actually walked fairly well on the leash, considering she's likely never been on one. She was really excited to meet our dogs and they all got along really well! She is super playful, silly, and sweet. I think I need to hook her to the van and let her run about 15mph down the road for about 10 miles to make up for all of her confinement at the pound. She definitely wants to RUN.

So, I have pics of two new foster dogs to show soon. One is a puppy, her name is Lilly. She is SO SWEET and very cute. The newest is the one I was just discussing. I'll have to work with her for a bit before I'm ready to place her for adoption. Lilly has been with us for two weeks and is coming along wonderfully. She's typically the picture-perfect calm-submissive girl. Her brother was with us for a short time before he was adopted... now we just need to find her a good home. She's a great "portable pet" since she LOVES being inside, and LOVES riding in the car. She would do great with someone that wanted a pup to cart around everywhere.

Pictures to come, once I can snap a few!


Nora's Mommy on Wednesday, 10 December, 2008 said...

I have the same problem with my "horse." We thought it was cute at first when she pulled, but now she weighs 90 lbs. and pulls. So we don't get to go for walks anymore. Do you think that Pit Bulls? I personally love them, but then again I have one.

Mandy on Thursday, 11 December, 2008 said...

If you live anywhere near me.. I know I could help you with that pulilng problem. I deal with it ALL OF THE TIME. :)

And, Pitties are some of my favorite breeds. They are BEAUTIFUL, and so so loyal. Once they feel a part of your family, they are big and loveable dogs that have a good protective streak if you ever need it. As long as you are the "pack leader," having a Pit Bull is a great life experience! This is our second to foster... so far, they've been our favorites!

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