Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Christmas Countdown!

Posted by Mandy at 10:05 AM
I cannot believe that my calendar already reads December 2. Only 23 days until Christmas! I am so excited... Christmas is such a wonderful time of year, for so many reasons. The most important, of course, is that we are celebrating Jesus's birth. How amazing that Christ himself came into the world as a weak, helpless, and humble newborn. The faith that those who worshipped him there in the manger must have had, to know that he was the Savior, is hard to imagine. Can you picture yourself bowing before a newborn baby, basically born in a barn amongst animals? Can you imagine the smell that must have been in the air with huge animals like Ox there? Could you have gone there, looked at the face of this small infant, and believed that he was, indeed, Christ?

On a lighter note, a few nights ago we decorated the church for Christmas. Christmas trees, lights, ornaments, ribbon - it turned out to be quite a beautiful sight! After our hard work we retired to what we call the "Cool Back Room" to scarf down pizza and visit with each other.

Michael brought up a really fun topic: "What was the best gift you ever got for Christmas when you were little?"

Thinking back to what the #1 favorite gift I received as a child was harder than I thought it would be. I finally remembered what it was, though. A doll - a Baby Alive to be exact. I had begged for this doll with blue eyes and curly blond hair for months and months before I unwrapped her on Christmas morning. I can remember how thrilled I was! I tore open the box that had been her home in the store and immediately filled her bottle with the fake formula she came with, put one of the few diapers included in the package on her, and sat to cuddle and feed my oh-so-loved baby. I could not wait to change the wet diaper that followed. I'm not sure any other gift ever compared to her. I loved her so much that my dad actually still has her, safely stored away. (Isn't it funny how we parents can become even more attached to our children's favorite toys than our kids are?)

Our discussion then changed a bit into: "What was the gift that you always wanted but never got?"

I had to think REALLY hard on this one. Then, I remembered. A telescope.

Oh, how I begged and pleaded for a telescope. For some reason, one never showed up on Christmas day. I had forgotten my past obsession until last Christmas, when Uncle Steve gave the kids one! I think I was more excited than they were! My old feelings of longing came right back to me. It is time to pull it out now that the sky is so clear on these cold winter nights, and the bugs of summer are gone.

So, can you answer those two questions? (some of you will have to think back farther than I had to!) What was the best thing you ever unwrapped on Christmas morning as a kid? Was there something that you REALLY wanted but never got?


A.J. Huffman on Tuesday, 02 December, 2008 said...

I think back and some of my most favorite Christmas gifts were, my small TV and a Nintendo to go with it. Yeah that's right, I'm old school, no Wii or XBox for me. And I think I got a waterbed that year as well.

dean on Tuesday, 02 December, 2008 said...

i think my best gift (as a kid anyway) was a car dashboard. not like my father went to the junkyard and ripped one out of a wrecked car, although that would have been fine by me too... but they used to actually have toy ones that were a bit more sophisticated than the fisher-price types... ever since i can remember, my one and only passion was to be able to drive, and that was the best gift i evah got as a kid.

of course you know the one i wanted but never got would be... a real car.

Anonymous said...

My favorite gift that I received was a stuffed dog,which is in my room right now.

I dont remember what they were called,now they are called plasma cars but it was a handlebar thingy with a seat.When you moved the handlebars to and fro,you moved.I wanted one SO badly,never got it.I looked it up recently and figured out why I never did,wow,those were steep!!Let me go look and see if I can find the name of them and I will be back.

Anonymous said...

HA!They were called roller racers!!!

mikes on Wednesday, 03 December, 2008 said...

mine was by far and away the GI JOE motorized vehicle with the missile launcher. i also got several GI JOE men with it as well. awesome, awesome christmas. the thing i wanted the very most, every single year until i was at least 11, was a motorized toy vehicle like a big foot or jeep. i circled it numerous times in the sears wish book and never got it. oh well. i think i survived!

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