Thursday, December 11, 2008

New Fosters Pictures

Posted by Mandy at 3:06 PM

Here our the two newest babies of the family.

The first one is the "horse" I spoke of yesterday. She is a brindle colored Pit Bull. She is SUPER sweet! She loves the kids, loves other dogs... but not so hot with the cats. I'm working with her on it. If the cats are simply by her, she's fine. However, if one makes the mistake of running past her... her strong prey drive kicks in and she simply wants to catch them and probably mangle them. So, I'll probably be recommending a home with no cats for this girl. Other than the cat issues, I've seen no others. Today we went for a jog together and she barely pulled on the leash at all after the first few minutes. (she pulls A LOT at first.. working hard on it! She's much improved already.) I can see that she is really going to turn into a fantastic pet for someone. So far a name for this powerful yet gentle girl escapes me. If you'd like to help name her, drop me some doggie girl name ideas in the comments! I don't do 'silly' names so please avoid "Cookie, Princess, or Tiny." She needs a big dog name that still sounds sweet... any takers?

The second is the one we've had the longest. This is Lilly. Though I'm not certain of her breed, she resembles a Chihuahua. She is only around 4/5 months old and quite the little squirt. She is likely to grow to be a bit bigger than a standard sized Chihuahua, but I cannot see her getting past the "small" size. Lilly is SWEET. No other word can describe her. She's just a jolly, happy-go-lucky, ready to go everywhere you go, kind of girl. She is in love with Samuel and follows him everywhere, tail waggin'. I cannot picture a wrong family for her. As long as she gets plenty of exercise and attention... she'll be happy as can be!

Both of these dogs were rescued from our city pound. Both would have been put to death simply due to overcrowding... please help find homes for these sweet girls so that I can go rescue more before their "time is up." They will be be put on the national websites.. but word of mouth is helpful as well. A friend of mine helped find Lilly's brother a home within the first week I had him simply by asking people in her office if anyone knew of someone looking for a puppy. ANY help you can offer is greatly appreciated.

Interested in adopting either pooch? Drop me an email at pupfostermom(at)gmail(dot)com.


Jennifer on Thursday, 11 December, 2008 said...

Oh my goodness! I love that Pit bull!!!! Of course I am partial to that breed! It's obvious she is full blooded though!! How about Zena for her know like the Warrior princess! I think that's how you spell it?!

Jennifer on Thursday, 11 December, 2008 said...

Actually, I think it might be! I don't maybe neither are right! Maybe I should've looked it up first!

Allison on Thursday, 11 December, 2008 said...

Jenna just went crazy over looking at the doggies! She is dog obsessed! So thanks for the 2 minutes of entertainment! I think what you are doing is really awesome!

Mandy on Thursday, 11 December, 2008 said...

Lol Jennifer.. that's what Clayton's been calling her! (I think it's Xena.. but who knows!) I think it's fitting for her.. but worry it makes her sound too tough? (Warrior Princess? a bit too bold, perhaps? lol)

Allison, so glad to have helped make Jenna's night more entertaining! :)

Ginger on Friday, 12 December, 2008 said...

I have a whole list of names: Dixie, Maggie, Muffin, Snickers, Cuddles, Tootsie, or you could even call her Ginger. She looks like a Dixie to me.

Nora's Mommy on Monday, 15 December, 2008 said...

Well, we have a Nemo (yes, a girl but that is the only name we could agree on) and June (Ju-Ju). We know June is a pure bred, but we are almost certain that Nemo is not. She looks more like Scooby Doo. June is a blue pit. I will have to post pictures of them. I could talk all day about dogs!!!

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