Friday, December 05, 2008

Guitar Hero

Posted by Mandy at 9:53 AM

If you know terms such as "star power ready," "YOU ROCK!" "50 Note Streak!," and "Hot Start!" then you have joined the many many people, such as my family, that has become addicted to Guitar Hero.
As a very early Christmas present, to himself, Clayton brought this game home for Wii last weekend. I looked at the price tag, raised an eyebrow, and threatened that, "This better be the best game in the entire world."
Thankfully for my husband, it possibly is! I'm not a 'gamer' but this is so much fun. Clayton likes for us to play in the same band, but I enjoy competing against each other much more. Amazingly, I typically beat him... which eventually frustrates my man. I suppose that men are assumed to be better at all video games, especially "guy games", but this time around I'm actually whooping his hiney. He would beg to differ... but come on over and watch us in action if you'd like proof.
What I've found so strange about this game, is how it actually brain-washes you into believing you are the Guitar Hero. You hear songs on the radio and become convinced that you could actually play them if you had a guitar handy. After playing a few songs in a row, you get into a Rock Star zone... you really believe that the fake people cheering on the game are cheering specifically for you. You, ummm.. I...., become a bit arrogant at your fancy guitar playing talents after you, umm.. I.., play a song fifty times in a row to finally get a 99% accuracy score. Oh yes... I am so gifted. A muse perhaps...
Soon we shall have to have a crew of people over for a Guitar Hero face-off. I know a few of you have guitars of your own you could bring... and Michael claims he can now play on 'expert' level. I shall never believe that until I see it! (I just started trying 'medium' and even moving up to 'hard' will be many moons away.)

3 comments: on Friday, 05 December, 2008 said...

We bought this this year,as a gift.I found it for $50 over at Toys r us,which is the only way I would have bought it,any more than that,and I would have passed...LOL.

In our house,I am the video game gal,I play mostly all games better than my hubby.We are Wii people here too.I havent gotten my hands on guitar hero just yet,but its coming...LOL.

A.J. Huffman on Friday, 05 December, 2008 said...

I played rock band last Christmas at my cousins house. And I wasn't very good at all. Never played Guitar Hero, maybe I'll do better at that, who knows.

Lauren said...

I'm in- I thought maybe I was the last person on earth to jump on that band wagon. Guess I am now... :) I want to learn and play!

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