Thursday, July 24, 2008

Super Easy Way to Be Greener Today

Posted by Mandy at 7:27 PM
A lot of people seem overwhelmed by all of the "going green" talk. They don't know where to start or what to do so, instead, they stick their heads in the sand and let the few environmentally conscious folks in the world try to save it, almost single handed. To stop this from happening in my little area of the world, I'm going to try to come up with ridiculously easy ways that every family can green up, if only just a little.

Super Easy Way to Green Up #1 - STOP THROWING FOOD AWAY

Of course no one supports the waste of food in general, but we Americans still waste a ton of food. From what I've read, Americans throw away 1/3 of the food we purchase. Yikes... that's a lot! Whether it's produce that's gone bad or food that the kids wouldn't eat, our trash cans see a lot of food action. Throwing food in the trash probably seems like an innocent occurrence, right? WRONG. Did you know that when food sits in trash bags in landfills, it produces methane gas? Did you also know that methane gas is actually more harmful to our O-zone than the much talked about CO2 that our cars produce? Am I getting your attention yet?

The methane gas just continues to accumulate in each food polluted garbage bag until that bag either gets torn by the usual activities at your typical dump, or the bag breaks down enough on its own to allow openings, and then all of that O-Zone breaking gas floats right up into our atmosphere. MMMmmm... breathe it in America.

So, what's the solution? It could not be any easier folks. Simply stop pouring your leftovers and other food waste into the trash can. Dump it in a compost pile or a worm farm to create top of the line soil for your next garden. If you lack a green thumb and have enough land, simply take it to the corner of your yard and return it to the earth it came from.

This is just one of the insanely easy ways any family can be a little greener. If EVERYONE simply refused to toss food into garbage bags, think of what a tremendous difference it could make in our planet's health.


quitecontrary1977 on Saturday, 26 July, 2008 said...

i used to be really bad about tossing food out. i'd put leftovers in the fridge until they went bad. I've learned put them in microwavable trays in the freezer. they are more likely to get eaten that way. great post, by the way!

Mandy on Saturday, 26 July, 2008 said...

Thanks, and that's a really good idea! I never thought about actually freezing leftovers.. but putting them into microwavable trays would make them really easy to thaw out later, and avoid more waste. Good tip!

Ana on Monday, 28 July, 2008 said...

AMEN! I so agree. If we would eat what we need and not what we want there would be no waste.

Ana on Monday, 28 July, 2008 said...

To respond to your comment on my greener post on bills - I hear you about the fluctuation in finances each month. We have the same situation in our home. We only use automatic payment on certain bills (rent & car payment). Everything eles we pay online with debit card or drafts to avoid using a lot of checks.

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