Sunday, July 27, 2008

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Posted by Mandy at 12:27 PM

This picture has NOTHING to do with my post... I just realized I never posted a picture of Samuel eating his first birthday cupcake, so here's one. I love this one because he's cutting his eyes over at me, almost like he was waiting for me to come take that sinful food away from him. lol

I wish I could tell you all the number of times I've written the word "business," in all of its possible forms, over the past week. Whew! My new job is working out well. I'm getting a lot more work done each day than I thought I'd be able to and still spending good amounts of time with the kids and getting the important house work done. (I've vowed to dust the living room sometime today or tonight though.. those little things have been overlooked.) My work at home system is slowly finding its rhythm. The job is very tedious, but the good news is, I probably know more about businesses, business franchises, online businesses, work at home businesses, businesses in NZ, businesses in South America, and businesses within other businesses than any other person you know! That's all I do right now is write about business stuff. (FYI: I am not 'into' business stuff - hence the tedious nature of the job for me.) I am just so grateful that God gave me this opportunity. I never could have pulled this off on my own!

Another thing I am really excited and grateful about is our children's ministry at Journey! Holy Moly! Anyone that was in church this morning almost couldn't help but laugh at the massive amounts of children we had going back for children's lessons before the sermon began. I looked at Tammy, our preschool teacher for this Sunday, and asked if she wanted me to help her. She declined my offer.. what a brave soul! Clayton did JKids and said they did great, and Tammy also reported a great lesson as well. Hooray! Man, my kids don't know how good they have it. When I was Madison's age (going into 2nd grade) I had already been sitting out in church services for two years! Ack! Can you imagine? I must admit, I did some of my best artistic work on the backs of visitors cards in the Baptist church I grew up in... I was so glad they kept the ink pens conveniently placed beside the cards that I assumed were there for my doodling pleasure.
I just wanted to take a break from writing about opportunities for entrepreneurs looking into businesses to purchase so I came here to clear my head a bit. You can probably tell I'm writing out of my head by the randomness of this post... forgive me. I needed a small creative outlet. Now I'm refreshed and delve back into the last 34 Q&As I have to complete by Monday night.


Ana on Monday, 28 July, 2008 said...

You work your thing girl! That's wonderful that opportunity is working out so well. Praise God!

You cracked me up about the doodling in church. lol I remember all too well doing the same. I always say the samething about how fortunate my older son is to have quality sunday school. The nursery for the baby is great too and that even have a room for nursing Mamas.

Ana on Monday, 28 July, 2008 said...

That picture is just too adorable! I miss those chunky hamhock legs in the header. lol

Shelley on Monday, 28 July, 2008 said...

yeah "ack" is right, sitting out front is not where I want my kid. They can doodle at home. I sat out front in "big church" my entire childhood, but it wasn't a big deal to my family, because I had been in Sunday school all morning prior to that, and preaching time was not our primary instruction. There was no "children's church" when I was little.
The nursery was exceptionally quiet, knock on wood, and no one even napped....

Anonymous said...

LOVE the picture - he really does look like he's worried you're going to take the cake away from him. :D And I am very happy for you regarding the job... working from home is not as easy as most ppl think - I do it 2 days a week & it can be difficult! :)

Mandy on Tuesday, 29 July, 2008 said...

Angela, you're not kidding! First thing in the morning after breakfast we all head outside to run like crazy so the kids will all be ready to be quiet and play blocks or color or something for at least an hour so I can work. Once school starts it will be a lot easier for me!

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