Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Last Five

Posted by Mandy at 1:17 PM
So, I've been comfortably sitting on the last 5 or so pounds I want to lose. It's amazing how, when you have a larger amount of weight to lose, 5 pounds is barely noticeable. Once you get close to your goal weight though, 5 pounds can make a world of difference.

I've slacked off on my exercise a bit in the past month or so due to my increased time spent writing. Now, it's time to incorporate my workout routines back into my daily life along with writing. One thing at a time. I've picked jogging up again, taking the kids and the pups jogging a bit after supper each evening. Carter likes to run beside me for a while before retiring into the double stroller with Samuel, and Madison loves to beat me in races on her bike.

The evening family jog is so important to me. I'm really thankful that I can take the kids, and the dogs, right outside our front door each evening to get some fresh air and exercise. I pray that exercise is always just part of my children's lives and that they see it as fun, not an evil thing that they feel guilty for not doing later on.

My step-mom and I used to do fun exercise tapes together when I would get home from school, from the time I was in Junior High until the time I got married and left home. It was a great time to not only get fit and healthy, but to have our best girl talks. Do you ever notice how people tend to open up a little more, especially kids, if there is something for them to do besides stare at your face? I know my kids and I have great talks each evening as we sweat together.

Eating is a hard thing for me to get under control. I'm super proud that I've managed to keep off every single pound that I've lost up until this point. That is one huge benefit to losing weight in a slow and healthy way. I've heard it said, "Slow to lose is slow to gain." I know that many of us have definitely experienced the opposite of that statement. Losing weight quickly typically means being overly restrictive with food. That type of weight loss method sends your body into "starvation" mode.. then when you finally cave and start eating again, you gain a ton of weight back. Probably more than you lost in the first place. Oh.. the vicious cycle!

So, I'm going to continue to confront myself on my eating habits. God gave me this body, and it is the only body he will ever allow me to have. Not taking care of it could possibly send the signal to the Big Man Upstairs that I'm just not that thankful for the body he's given me. That definitely isn't the message I want transmitting from my actions to his heart! So, fruits and veggies in the house, cookies and ice cream out. I can always have those fun foods when people come over or when we go out for something special.. but not daily. I have no self control and therefore cannot even have it in the house most of the time. That is something I'm working on!


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