Friday, April 06, 2007

Back again

Posted by Mandy at 8:21 PM
So I've grown a little bored with blogging lately. Clayton is back on the night shift again now though so my interest will probably greatly pick up now that I will have so much time at night to be on the puter!

So, what is this first picture of? Madison and Carter.. what could they possibly be studying so closely? An ant hill. This ant hill literally popped up overnight and those two were completely fascinated with it! So much so that Madison begged me to take several pictures of the ants with our camera... and then with her very own disposable camera that we gave her, she took her own pictures. (I could make an entire new post about what madison took pictures of... 27 pictures, and none of people! Flowers, grass, cats, dogs, etc.. she's 5.. you get the point!) I could have never imagined how interesting watching ants could be... and how they could love watching them so much yet freak out so quickly if they saw a few of them coming towards them.

So, the next pic... yes, two in one night, you are so lucky that I had time! :) This is me.. entering my 29th week of pregnancy. It is shocking to me to see my belly now. When I'm sitting around or even walking around I still feel so comfortable. I don't feel like I have a belly at all unless I have to get on the ground for some reason. So, to see a picture of what I actually look like is a bit crazy! We have several mirrors in our house... none of which are full length, and none of which I can see my belly in b/c they're up too high, which just adds to my occasional surprise when I do catch a glimpse of myself elsewhere. It's like it hits me, "Oh! I really am pregnant!" For the record, I had a dr's appt on Wednesday and all is great! I've finally manged to gain 10 pounds total and I measured 28cm which is perfect for 28 weeks. Samuel's h/b was 135bpm.. it's always so slow... maybe it means he's calm? lol We went to the Parker's after our appt and it was soooo great to visit with them! The kids ran and played and Suzanne let me hold Josiah a ton! He just slept, nursed, pooped, and slept and nursed some more. Such a sweet baby and he is even cuter now than he was at birth. I was a big dummy and didn't get a single pic of him even though I had the camera IN THE HOUSE! ARRGHH! Pg brain.. sorry!

Okay, last thing. My dear husband finally got sick of me nagging him and he got Madison's and the bathroom doors re-framed, and PAINTED. :) Baseboards are now installed in the hallway and the only big thing left to do is hang Carter's door. I actually painted all of the doors today while he painted the trim in our entire house. It looks sooooo good! I keep staring down the hallway in awe... I can't wait to see it completely finished. We have to buy some more door framing things (yeah.. I don't know what they're called) and then he can check this job off of his honey do list. The only other big item is pain the outside of the house. Any color but this horrid blue that's out here now! Okay.. not 'any' color.. something in the light beige would suit me! Oh.. he also bought two new ceiling fans for the living room. We love the fans in here now, but one will only spin on low speed (so now we can REALLY freeze you all out when you visit with the new ones that work correctly! lol) and the other you can no longer pull the chain that turns the light on and off.. so it's stuck on "on" all of the time unless you flip the switch off on the wall. So, new fans will be in soon. we'll have to host a Settlers party once it's all completed so you can all see how hard my man's been working!


Brittany on Friday, 06 April, 2007 said...

You look so cute! Positively glowing!

K.T. on Monday, 09 April, 2007 said...

Oh that is a cute picture of you!!
Not sure we are doing t-ball this year after the horrible experience of last year-Jaxen is certain that he doesnt want to but Kyla may get in on it at the last minute-the girls league though...LOL

Brandy on Wednesday, 11 April, 2007 said...

when you decide to blog, you blog a novel! i'm poking fun....i love reading all the updates and about how you guys are doing. i miss seeing you on wed. nights....and i know my husband misses settlers! post more often, girl!

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