Monday, April 30, 2007

My dancer

Posted by Mandy at 7:38 PM

Madison can be so shy, quiet, and reserved... so imagine how surprising it is to me to see her shine on stage! She had such a great time at her dance recital. She has asked me twice since Saturday if she gets to do another recital this weekend... and is so disappointed when I tell her it's only a once a year ordeal. I wasn't sure we'd do dance again next season, but I'm sure now that we will. It's all she talks about! I'm so glad that she's found something that, for now, she really loves. I have to admit... dressing her up was so much fun for me. We ordered her flowers that we gave to her after the show and she just beamed. Seeing her dance with her hair all up in a cute little bun was just too sweet... her ballet dance brought tears to my eyes. The only bad thing about the recital is that her brand new ballet shoes did not make it back into her dance bag... so I'm really hoping someone picked them up and saw her initials on the bottom of them and is holding on to them for us! I'd hate to buy another new pair when we JUST bought those! Oh well.. they probably wouldn't have fit her for very long anyway.
In other news: I'm 8 months pg today! A whopping 32 weeks. It's flying by! I'm getting fairly massive and though I still feel pretty darn good most of the time.. I'm definitely finding myself tired more often. Samuel has discovered the joy of shoving his bottom and his heels (at the same time it seems) directly under my rib cage... I've heard women talk about being "kicked in the ribs" but honestly I never have felt this with the other two kids... man it's rough! Poor little guy is probably so squished that he's just trying to stretch out.. can't blame him!
I think the reality of this little guy coming is slowly sinking in for Clayton. Twice in the past week he's made remarks like, "Wow, can you believe he's going to be here so soon?" Ummmm... yeah. I can. I guess when you're the one that spends the 9 months puking, worrying, puking, sleeping, not sleeping, hurting, etc... you can REALLY believe that a baby is coming! lol Pregnancy can't be all fun and games or else no one would ever be ready for what it takes to deliver the baby! (especially with another csection in the cards! so scary!) I keep thinking about how incredibly blessed I am to be so many weeks pregnant. Everytime I haer about someone having a premature baby that must stay in the hospital being sick for weeks on end.. I thank God for the hip pain and the leg cramps because it's those things that come at the end. Making it to the end is such a miracle. So, we're on a 7 week countdown until approx. csection date. I guess I should schedule that pretty soon... probably talk to the Doc about it next visit!


Lou Arnold on Tuesday, 01 May, 2007 said...

She is so cute. It brings back memories. She could be like me. My mom was forced to do 13 years of dancing.

Brittany on Tuesday, 01 May, 2007 said...

She's beautiful! I hope we have a girl someday so we can do dance lessons and such!

I remember when Cayson used to kick me in the ribs! It's no fun, but you're almost to the end!

Suzanne on Tuesday, 01 May, 2007 said...

she's so sweet! i can't wait to see gracie dance in a show - i think i'll love the dressing up too!

we need more pics of you pregnito! i have to see samuel and you together before i see just him!!

Allison said...

Sorry - I meant to leave you my blog address too! :) Allison

Allison said...

Ok, sorry I thought it would leave it - but it's

I'm promise I'm not trying to be your comment stalker or something. :)

Brandy on Wednesday, 02 May, 2007 said...

my girls oooed and aaahhed her pictures! glad you guys had such a great time!

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