Friday, April 13, 2007


Posted by Mandy at 1:58 PM

Here are two of the 4D pictures we got taken today during our amazing ultrasound! They are a bit distorted (mainly his nose) but still really beautiful if you ask me! (even though scanning them into the puter did make a glare.. sorry) I cannot begin to describe our experience today... it was just incredible. You could make out all of his facial features, his expressions, down to the lines in his fingers and toes and the creases in his cheeks! He sucked his hands THE ENTIRE TIME! (another constant nurser in the making?) At one point he was even trying to get his toes into his mouth! lol He weighs around 3.8pounds now.. I couldn't get over how fat he was already! He has the same lips and nose as Madison and Carter.. it was almost like looking at old baby pics. I can't wait to show some of you the pics that we have b/c they're so much clearer in person.. and the DVD is just unbelievable! I really cannot wait for the next 9 weeks to go by now... I cannot wait to officially meet my little man!
By the way, can you see in the first picture that he's almost crying? Right after she snapped this shot he got his fingers into his mouth, and then grinned... we missed that pic though. :P


K.T. on Friday, 13 April, 2007 said...

Awesome!!!I love it!!!!

Lou Arnold on Friday, 13 April, 2007 said...

He is cute. It is amazing how much you can see in 4-D ultrasounds.

Brandy on Sunday, 15 April, 2007 said...

how beautiful! i hope i get to see the pics in person soon.....actually i'd love to see the dvd! i've never seen a 4d before! i'm so glad you had that experience!

Mandy on Sunday, 15 April, 2007 said...

Brandy, if we all get together this week I'll make sure to bring the pics and the DVD :)

suzanne said...

i can't wait to hold that new baby!!

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