Friday, March 23, 2007

Spring Break!

Posted by Mandy at 7:12 PM
Ahh.... the last day of school before spring break was today. We had a great evening tonight (the kids and me, clayton's working) and I'm really looking forward to a fairly relaxing week at home with the kids. I know Madison is in need of a break... her mouth always starts to get her into trouble when she's stressed and tired. Last night I thought about shoving a sock in her mouth to muffle her so I didn't have to listen to complaints, whining, and backtalking anymore. Erasing one of the 3 most favorite shows of hers on the DVR did the trick... after many warnings she just would not stop the backtalking, and deleting a cartoon was all it took to snap her back into the real world where she is a kid and I am the mommy. Lesson learned... and she's been her usual jovial self since! Now that she's back under control I think I'm going to have to start putting the smack down on Carter. That boy... he's a neverending story! lol He's sleeping like a normal child now, all night long, every single night IN HIS OWN BED. Even napping each day! However, I think all of this new sleep is giving him even more energy than he had before so he's almost double the crazy each day! Super loud, rough, and wanting to go from one thing to the next so quickly that it's making my head spin. So.. now to work on him. I think I said "shhh.. quiet.." a zillion times today. I even brought out the "quiet signal" which he actually liked. (you know.. ask for the 'quiet signal' and teach them to put their finger over their mouth) We'll see if the quiet signal catches on and becomes a successful tool in my parenting box! I'm encouraging him to be loud and insane outside, and more calm and quiet inside. With as much as we're outdoors lately I really don't see how he has the energy to come inside and run a muck! He's like his daddy... the two of them just seem to have endless energy! So, be thinking of me each day... we'll see how long this "phase" with Carter takes to work through. And once we work through this one, I am afraid to see what the next one might be!


K.T. on Friday, 23 March, 2007 said...

It has been crazy around here like that too!!!I am hoping it will get better soon...I had noticed some behavior problems popping up in my children with the new addition this last we all need this break too!!!!

Brandy on Tuesday, 27 March, 2007 said...

hope you are enjoying your springbreak, still! we are loving having tj around here. although he's a work-a-holic. but that means my yard is looking nice and some home projects that have been left undone are now being taken care of. yipee!

that wasn't kami's first tooth, but both of my oldest girls were 6 before they lost their first fact, they were both 6 1/2. don't worry about those teeth....they'll come out eventually.

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