Friday, September 15, 2006


Posted by Mandy at 4:05 PM
I am so happy it's Friday! And, I'm in a wonderful mood tonight because Madison had a really really good day at school today and the teachers were all super nice at pickup time this afternoon, I didn't feel rushed for once! (i wonder if ppl have been complaining?) I have chocolate chip cookie dough in the fridge just waiting to be baked... and Leslie and Tyler are going to come by and hang out and pig out with us! What could be better?

Have I mentioned our potty training journey lately? It's actually going great! At home, he's 100% trained. (well, not counting nap and bedtime) However, he has to be bare bottomed for this to be true. Even in underwear, he'll pee in them.. and NOT CARE that he's soaking wet. ??? I remember Madison flipping out the first (and almost only) time she wet herself in panties. My little man couldn't care less though! So, I'll take what I can get! I haven't changed a dirty diaper in over a week, and one pack of diapers is lasting a very very long time now. I'm really proud of him. Everyone has told me it takes boys forever to potty train, but so far so good here!

So will anyone be coming to Tuesday playgroup next week? I hope it's a nice cool morning and we can all get together! I really miss our girltalk!


K.T. says peace on Friday, 15 September, 2006 said...

I am so happy it is friday also!Potty training...glad I am done with it-Jaxen actually was not too much problem but Kyla was a nightmare at first....she wanted no part of at the behest of everyone I waited until they were three before I tried again....after the unfortunate advice of potty training them at 18 months was taken.Try cheerios in the potty-sounds a bit crass but let him "aim for the target"....he might find it fun(they also have targets you can buy)and take more interest in it....hope that helps...don't know about playgroup yet.:-)

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