Tuesday, September 26, 2006

First soccer game

Posted by Mandy at 11:44 AM

We had our first soccer game last night and it was a blast! Madison even scored a goal and blocked another.. I'm so proud! She giggled the entire time she was there.. I definitely think we've found her sport! I just love our team... and the coaches are just wonderful! Honestly I couldn't ask for anything better.

Playgroup this morning was fun, but small! Just Leslie and me.. what's up with the playgroup peeps?! Do we need to change the day or something? I'm missing our get togethers! The good news is, Carter only hit Tyler once, and only threw something at him once... and he shared his drink with him after a while and even sat beside him without pushing him over! What an improvement! lol And, today, he dumped some dry cereal on the floor (our CONSTANT battle right now) and I sighed, knowing that a huge fight was about to take place as i made him pick up the mess. However, to my SHOCK, the first time I asked him to pick them up, HE DID! I hugged and kissed him and kept telling him how great he was.. I hope he will keep it up. It seems we're starting to turn the 'negative phase' corner... into a 'positive phase' soon! Thank goodness because I was about to resort to shock therapy or something. ;)

Madison has another soccer game tonight at 5:30 (anyone that gets bored at home.. come on out lol) and after that I'm supposed to go to curriculum night at the school.. sounds insanely fun. :P I really don't wanna go.. and am curious as to how important of an event it is. Clayton, on a fluke, will be home tonight, I don't want to miss him! We'll see what happens... I keep wondering if anyone would notice if I didn't show up. *shame shame*


K.T. says peace on Tuesday, 26 September, 2006 said...

Curriculum night is so so important-it will tell you what they are working on,but you can also request that the teacher send the information home.We have another soccer game tonight also,heck it may be against you all...LOL,I dunno.Kyla's soccer game went well-her hair didnt look so good and they took newspaper pix....unfortunately.Jaxen had a simultaneous game going also his was beside you and so was Kyla's.I would have spoken but after Kyla's I had to run to his game,which lasted about an hour and a half!The kids over in that league are WILD!I dont know if I will be able to come back to playgroup-dont have a way.Sorry!:(

Lee Ann James on Tuesday, 26 September, 2006 said...

Madison looks so cute in her soccer uniform!!! Can't wait to see you guys Wednesday!

Leslie said...

Cater did do a really good job today! I hope you guys are turning a positive corner but then Tyler will be mean to Carter! lol Those pics you sent me where so cute!! Some of them looked professional. Maybe that is what you can do. Be a photographer!!!

Angelina on Tuesday, 26 September, 2006 said...

Girl do you need cleats? I have some probably her size. Let me know and I will check for you. Valerie did soccar in first grade!

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