Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Let the waiting begin!

Posted by Mandy at 9:44 AM
So I got my blood taken today.. should know the results sometime tomorrow.. so we wait. I have to say, THANK YOU for all of the wonderful support you all have given to me over the past several months since I've been blogging. I'm sure it gets boring reading so much about this junk, but you guys keep sending prayers and hugs my way anyway. It really does mean a lot! I'm not someone that likes to keep things bottled up and very private, I always feel better when I talk about whatever is troubling me. And speaking of feeling better, I do. It hit me the other day... I have NO IDEA why, but I was driving home and felt an overwhelming joy. I was totally consumed with thoughts of my kids, my husband, our house, our life, my friends.. just everything that is so good in my life. God is taking great care of me and it's like I just noticed it all at once. I decided then and there that no matter what, I was going to be joyful. Sure I'll be sad if the result comes back negative tomorrow.. but I REFUSE to let it steal my joy. Just this morning, at playgroup, I barely thought about being pg at all, even though I left from there and went straight to the Dr's office for the blood draw! I feel like God is finally answering one prayer I keep praying, "If I'm not going to be pregnant, please let me not care!" lol I feel like, at least for right now, I will be fine. There is so much good in life, it's a shame to let one thing keep you dragged down so much. It seemed totally out of my control, the way I felt. But it isn't! It's a choice to be in the mood you're in.. no matter what's going on.

Speaking of playgroup, we had a great time this morning.. okay, I did anyway. It was just Brandy, Leslie, and me and our kids.. but I really enjoyed it. Great company and great kids! If it would've been a bit less wet it would've been even better.. but, ah, who cares. :) Carter found great joy in hitting trees and the ground with a fantastic stick he found.. at one point he found and opening in the fence and was in the woods! I had to go retreive him... that's our fault, we've been tracking through our woods a ton lately! So thanks for the fun time gals!

Who's going to the parade today? Madison is in it! She'll be riding with Kim's Dance Factory... I can't wait! She's sooo excited! :)


K.T. says peace on Tuesday, 19 September, 2006 said...

I will be there-the kids will be on the MES float.If I were you-I would ask where I should come to pick her up.....Last year Kyla rode the Kims dance factory float and 15 minutes after the parade they finally pulled up by second baptist church-that is after we had already about had a heart attack!LOL.I am so glad you found your joy-I have been experiencing that myself here lately.And Thankfulness that we have all we do have.Cant wait for your post tomorrow...........

Brandy on Tuesday, 19 September, 2006 said...

i enjoyed this morning, too. . .it was such a nice morning to be out, plus to be with other mothers is always refreshing. i'm reluctant to say anything about tomorrow, but know i'm praying for ya either way!

Lee Ann James on Tuesday, 19 September, 2006 said...

I saw the parade today, and the Kim's float, but I didn't know Madison was on it! I wish I would've read this earlier so I could've looked for her! Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow night. We should have some interesting conversation, considering the chapter of the book we're on...;)

Mandy on Wednesday, 20 September, 2006 said...

LeeAnn.. did you forget that Clayton said we were both staying home.. together.. for that chapter? lol JUST KIDDING!

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