Friday, September 22, 2006

Not for the weak..

Posted by Mandy at 7:54 PM
This parenting stuff is for the strong only. At least the patient and the willing to clean up gross things... several times each day. I have quickly been reminded why it's easier to just change diapers than have a newly potty trained toddler. Carter is doing fantastic on the potty training issue... no accidents at all.. all potty when we're home. (still no luck really when we're outside or somewhere else.. but no biggie) So, what's the problem? Well, the potty seat that fits over the regular toilet lid.. that is the problem. Somehow, when you pick it up, there is always pee everywhere underneath it.. great hu? I have two completely different potty seats, they both do this. It even happened when madison would use them.. what's up with that?! So, I spend many of minutes in the bathroom spraying and cleaning our toilet... oh how it shines now! I also could tell a story of how I had to use our big grill tongs the other day to dig almost an entire roll, of unrolled, toilet paper out of the potty, that an unnamed 2 year old had repeatedly tried to flush down. (after hearing the 3rd flush in a row I knew something was up) Ah yes... adventures in potty training. These are the stories veteran parents share with each other, laughing, and halfway happy, and halfway sad that they're over. Even in the midst of all of it I find it pretty comical. I always wonder "what is he thinking when he does something like this? What thought process came up with this one?" I'm just glad he's been able to make it to the potty each time. I remember Madison would run to the bathroom, and call me, and I'd find a puddle right in front of the toilet... she 'almost' made it. So similar to having a puppy... they chew everything, they pee on everything, they stay under your feet so you're stepping on them all of the time... God knew what he was doing when he made them so darn cute! (both puppies and children)


K.T. says peace on Saturday, 23 September, 2006 said...

We didnt use those little seats with our last two-just a stool at the foot of the toilet....LOL...Remind me what soccer team Madison is on?I have Kyla's schedule posted on myspace will definitely be an adventure.Kyla has had all of 1 practice-and none of these kids know what to do...LOL,See you at the fields Monday!

Mandy on Saturday, 23 September, 2006 said...

Madison's team is the Colorado Blue's... so we're the light blue team. lol Don't worry, we've only had TWO practices and our first game is MONDAY! Should be great.. lol

Michael on Sunday, 24 September, 2006 said... want gross? Imagine another annonymous 2 year old realizing something is happening "out back" and reaching around to see what is going on only to discover he didn't want to have any part of that on his hands...eww

Mandy on Tuesday, 26 September, 2006 said...

We've also had an unfortunante poop incident lol

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