Monday, June 28, 2010

Creativity Was Forced Upon Me

Posted by Mandy at 2:53 PM
Yesterday I had the immense pleasure of spending the entire day and evening with my hubby and our second family at the annual State Police Post Party. (or "gathering" I suppose you could call it.) A day on the lake, eating amazing food, laughing until you cry, and hearing the craziest work stories that anyone could ever tell. FYI: if you stuff yourself with the best ribs ever, and then immediately jump on a boat and go 60ish mph.. you will feel icky. Good news is - you'll get over it.
my gal pals: Amy, Summer (30wks pg with TWIN boys!) and me

So, anywho.. it was a blast! Can't wait until next summer to do it all again!

Today we returned to the real world. We went to bed too late last night, didn't sleep well, and then got up too early this morning. I knew it would happen that way - such is life. What I didn't anticipate was the electricty going out at our house for about 3 hours this afternoon. "I'm so too tired to be this much fun.."

After my initial "Oh crap" reaction, I just pulled myself together and took the kids into the boys' room to find cool stuff to do. Lincoln Logs were at the top of the list. Their pleas for me to build them an amazing fort "like Daddy does" pushed me into a corner. I gave it my best shot.. but I'm really sucky at Lincoln Logs. I guess it's the lack of a 'y' chromosome or something. Thankfully they gave me an 'A' for effort.

I was really stoked when my boys were content to lay in the bottom bunk with me reading books for a good, long while. Ahh.. rest! Then it was on to bigger and better things like building forts with blankets, making food with Play-Doh (chill out, we didn't really eat it.), and pretending we were at P.E. class.

"20 jumping jacks!"
"10 push ups!"
"15 bunny hops!"

Oh yes.. I was a big hit!

These aren't unusual events for this house, but typically we don't spend almost 3 hours straight, with no breaks, living it up. 2 hours in and I admit I was praying to God to somehow let Max and Ruby magically appear on the TV. They were getting restless, I was too exhausted to be fun for much longer, and my 3 year old was not happy with the thunder, lightening, and darkness. He also missed his much-needed nap thanks to all of the excitement so he was beginning his favorite activity of "torture everyone in the house."

Now, the lights are back on, the A/C is kicking, and I have my babysitter of the movie "Bolt." This evening I shall go back to try to tackle the seemingly impossible Lincoln Logs. Hopefully their father will bring his man skills to the table and show me what I'm doing wrong on the construction front. I can't make that roof fit to save my life...


Shannon on Tuesday, 29 June, 2010 said...

Oh don't you love it when the power goes hear that WOOSH and everything goes silent. It's even more fun in the summer, with kids. Imagine us for nearly three weeks when hurricane Ike hit. We nearly lost our minds! :)

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