Thursday, November 05, 2009

Today's Woman

Posted by Mandy at 12:13 PM
In today's times, we women are expected to be know-it-all's, do-it-all's, and don't-need-no-man-all's...

Can I confess something? I am that woman. That woman as in, the woman that feminists just hate. That woman that makes far-left, "God is a woman", women cringe. Oh yes... that's me!

"What makes this true?" You ask. Well, there is a plethora of events and mannerisms I could divulge here.

For one, I'm afraid of bugs. It takes one hearty battle cry to squish even the smallest of crawly things. The big ones? Don't even ask! I have truly asked my 5 year old son to kill spiders that make me scream.

"Honey, that shoe's too small.. grab Daddy's boot. Yes, that one. Okay, now you've got to hit him HARD so he doesn't jump or run away. You're such a big boy! You're so brave!" I scream from the top of the kitchen table. Hey, I'm raising MEN here, aren't I? And, yes, my 8-year old daughter is beside me on the table, learning how to be a real girl.

Secondly, I don't want to be dirty. I'm a tip-toe through the mud, "Get your grubby hands off of my linen skirt", "No, I don't want to sit on the ground... I'll stand," type of gal. I don't mind getting gritty for appropriate times, such as jogging with dogs or a planned outing with the kids - but never spring it one me. I am not spontaneous when I'm in my new kitten heels.

Me having a "You're messing up my hair!" moment.

I don't take out the trash, I don't do anything that requires hammers, nails, or screws. I could definitely hang pictures - but I'd rather just show my husband where they go and let him handle it. I do "need my man."

Putting bait on hooks and touching fish are gross. I WILL scream if the crickets jump on me or near me. I'd rather be pool-side than in a lake. Just sayin'... I'll lay out and catch some rays while you catch supper. Suits me fine.

I like bubble baths, candles, lotions, and long walks on the beach. (at least in my mind...) I can hold a screaming baby, cook supper, and help my kids with homework all at the same time... Oh yes, I am woman. Hear me roar.

I can earn a paycheck and still respect my husband as an awesome provider. I can negotiate with the best of them, have an opinion about EVERYTHING, and have a say in all things and still know that God has given my man the true authority in our home. (I know.. a lot of women hate that sentence...) I can fall on my face and thank God for my Christian husband that rules his home with gentleness and love and respect.

I'm Pro-Life AND Pro-Women's rights... ponder that thought if you will.

I cry at sad movies.. and happy movies. I hide behind my man during scary ones and threaten that I'll divorce him if he tries to jump out and scare me once it's over.

I sleep with a nightlight and when my husband's gone at night, my German Shepherd fills in as protector. Seriously.. I need someone.

I love to meet the girls for lunch, gab about fashion and kids, and then lace up my battle boots to go wrangle a 100 pound aggressive dog that grown men are afraid of. I am woman.

I may not be what feminists think I should be. I may not be what your typical homemaker thinks I should be, but this is me. I love staying home, I love going to work. I love being independant and I love being totally dependant - it depends on the day. I love the having the ability to change my mind... constantly. I LOVE being a woman!

idea inspired after reading a hilarious post by Shannon.


Taylor James on Thursday, 05 November, 2009 said...

Hilarious and oh so true!

The Brown's on Thursday, 05 November, 2009 said...

Lovin your posts lately! You are on a roll! Go girlie!

Anonymous said...

Great topic...women get so wrapped up in the label of what they should be that they sometimes forget to just be who they are. Wherever that may fall on the traditional to feminist scale, it's beautiful nonetheless! :)

Whitney on Friday, 06 November, 2009 said...

I'm that woman, too, Mandy. No, not that one. THAT one. The one who kept her surname when she got married, the one who volunteers her time at the Planned Parenthood steering committee meetings, the one who even (YIKES!) uses gender-neutral terms to refer to God.
I have to say, I really don't understand where all this cultural backlash against feminism comes from. When did feminism become the new "F" word?
I admit, I remember when you opted to get married and start a family instead of go to college like everyone else, and I was skeptical. But 10 years later, you have a healthy, happy family and a successful life as a writer, animal rescuer (as am I), and mom. That's a very brave and liberating move for you and example to other women.
As a proud, self-proclaiming feminist, I don't see that as threatening or bad (although we can have a conversation about the origins of "man as divine authority of household theology").
But just because that's YOUR idea of what it means to be a woman doesn't mean that's the definition of what ideal womanhood is - or manhood, for that matter. I kill bugs in my house, while my earth-loving hippie husband prefers to capture them and place them outside (to only come right back in, as I say). He likes to clean the house, I like to not clean the house until it gets so dirty he makes me. That said, I also conform in certain ways to socially-constructed femininity. I keep a diary of favorite outfits and take pictures of cute new shoes. I feel my uterus start glowing when I hold a cute baby. I think we do well when we, as a society, neither present rigid categories for people to conform to, nor fail to acknowledge a more rounded view of humanity.

Mandy on Friday, 06 November, 2009 said...

lol.... clayton is also the one that tries to save the bugs by placing them outside.. alive. (as if they're NOT finding their way back in? squish them!)

To me, feminist actually 'isn't' a bad word. Only when it comes in the form of women that say to be a feminist, you must conform to "this" standard of thinking and living. To me, I'm a feminist b/c I stand up for what I believe in, even if it isn't popular, and I support women to do what is right for them and their families. Trust me, I've been bashed by the 'typical' feminist for not having a career and "wasting my talents at home" and more recently, snubbed by once friends for branching out and making money and working.

The point of my post wasn't to bash women, even if they don't live the way I do, or get freaked out by bugs like I do. ;) The point was simply to say, "hey, I'm a're a woman.. we're different! It's cool!"

I simply wanted to shed some light. A lot of my readers don't know me at all in real life. Even those of you that only knew me "back in the day" really don't get a true sense of who I am by reading my blog. Some see me as a "know it all" or "condescending" or "too opinionated" or "too strict" or "too lax" or "too Suzy-Homemaker"... what's funny is I could say "yes" to all of those things. lol I'm none of them - and I'm all of them all at the same time.

I never want another woman to feel I'm looking down my nose at her and her thoughts or life - I've lived that myself and it isn't fun. Definitely ISN'T me.

So, you go right ahead rockin' your surname, killing those bugs, and making waves where they need to be made. I'll cheer you on, girl! We likely don't agree on many issues, but that's okay. What fun would blogging (or the world) be if we all thought the same? This is America.. right? ;)

Anonymous said...

You crack me up!!! As always!! I TOTALLY love it!!! I am totally a contradiction in terms also! I love girly shoes, but I can bait my hook with the ooey-gooey-est worm ever! hee hee!! I love love love your blog :)) Sara E

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