Monday, November 09, 2009

Doctor's Appointments with Toddlers in Tow

Posted by Mandy at 7:28 AM

Don't be fooled.. this face is trouble

I am such a lucky girl. I get to visit the OB/GYN today for another exam... hooray. I am even luckier because I'm taking the two year old with me... oh joy. I probably could have asked several different people to keep him, and they would have, but with his current state-of-two-ness I just decided to lessen the trauma on us both and take him with me and pray for a miraculously fast visit.

Each time I go to the doctor with the kids I can't help but wonder if I'm the only parent that thinks it should be mandatory for EVERY doctors office to be set up with a complete jungle-gym. For the first 20 minutes of waiting, I can usually keep the little one entertained with books, food, and watching videos of himself on my cell phone. After that, the wiggles kick in and he wants to roam. And jump. And run. And tantrum because he can't run and jump. You would think that nurses would have mercy on those of us suffering, and making everyone else in the waiting room suffer, and slide us to the top of the list of those to be seen - but no. I suppose they must be fair. The only relief to be found is if there happens to be a kind-hearted mom in there as well that assures me that she too has a kid that acts like a kid. Of course, I tend to be stuck for hours with people that simply mumble under their breath about how I should "control my child" or give ugly stares from behind their magazines. As if I'M enjoying myself here? Have YOU ever gone out for hours with a toddler and they couldn't do anything?

Couple this with my stress about the actual appointment. Ugh...

I had a cervical cancer scare about a year ago, had the "bad cells" biopsied, and have had to go back every few months for repeat paps to see what happens. So far, the repeat tests have all been clean, Praise God! However, some weird symptoms that I had when I found out I had the abnormal cells are currently presenting again. I'm hoping it's just a coincidence and means nothing. Time will tell.

So, as you sit wherever you are, possibly having an equally as stressful day at work or home, please say a quick prayer on my behalf and on the behalf of my two year old. That he and I both come home healthy and happy.


Rachel on Monday, 09 November, 2009 said...

I feel your pain! I hate taking my kids to the Dr with me, but I have three under three and they've come with me more than once. My secret: lollipops. I give them to the kids wrapped and it takes them forever to get the wrapper off and another 10min to eat the thing. Hopefully, I'll be out of there by then!

...and if you are still interested in my first blog carnival (kids and chores) at Quirky Momma, I'd love to include you. Feel free to email me if the link doesn't work:

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