Wednesday, March 04, 2009

When's it going to get better?

Posted by Mandy at 11:06 AM
So, the economy is still stinking up America - when is it going to get better? America voted for "change," but the only changes I've seen are more foreclosures, more lay-offs, and more people trying to dump the stocks they have left - and those that used to buy them hiding in fear from the sight of them. It's scary times, people. Those of you that are watching your retirement savings dwindle down each month, I truly hurt for you. I am thankful that we are so young that hopefully we'll see a huge upswing and our retirement accounts will be fine by the time we need them.

I enjoy looking at different realty websites in our area to see what's on the market, and at what price. No, we're not looking to move anytime soon, but a girl can dream! I'm amazed at how desperate people are becoming to sell their homes. So many gorgeous homes are screaming in red letters "PRICE REDUCED FOR A FAST SELL!" I'm sad to see how many foreclosures there are right here in my little city. Part of me thinks it would be a perfect time for us to start house hunting (more land, more house - The American Dream!) but the realistic part of me knows that first we'd need to sell our house. What makes me think we'll have more luck than anyone else in this county?

The good news for us is that the crazy economy has, thankfully, not effected us. With me now working we're doing fine, and Clayton has fantastic job security so we are SO blessed not to have to pray that he's not the next to get axed by the boss.

I have been wondering how the economy has affected others. When the gas prices were sky high, we were hurting. Now that they're lower, we're feeling much more comfortable. Food prices have not exactly come down to match the lower gas prices, so we're working to make a smart list each week before we shop to combat that. How have you felt the weight of the current economic times? Has it really had much of an impact on you? What about those close to you? Have you changed spending habits at all in the past two years?


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