Sunday, March 08, 2009

I Love Girl Time

Posted by Mandy at 12:34 PM

Having a little girl has been a really neat and amazing experience throughout the past 7.5 years. From drama madness to complete sweetness... I am so thankful to have my daughter. Now that she's growing into quite the little lady, we've made it to a new, really fun, time. The conversations we have now are much more meaningful, and she can really crack me up! Her friends are starting to have much more of an impact on her daily life and I find myself thanking God for her smart pickings!

Sundays after church have become prime social time for Miss Madison. Each week, without failing, she is either invited to go to someone's house or inviting her friends over to play. It has been a blast! Hearing the giggling and "deep thoughts" of a bunch of little girls is just priceless. It takes me back to the days I used to spend with my best girl friends. From bike riding to swiming and even riding horses, weekends with my friends were the best!

Clayton and I said a long time ago that we would make sure that we keep our house "the fun house" so that our kids would hopefully want to have friends over here to play. Our goal is for them to see that they can have a blast, and be safe, here at home as opposed to always going out looking for something to get into. We'll see if it works throughout the years... but for now, we're off to a good start!


Sugar-n-Spice on Monday, 09 March, 2009 said...

yes, i love girls. can you tell?

my girls had fun at their play date. thanks for the fun day for them. we had some hilarious conversations about a couple of dogs doing, well, you already know... i'll have to tell you about later. my kids are so funny. and their personalities so evident when it comes to subjects like "that". one so matter of fact and using correct terms and obviously bothered by her sister's over-dramatic, animated story telling. and they thought your girl's reaction was more interesting than the actual happenings with the dogs. tee-hee.

a few days earlier faith and i drove by a pasture where 2 cows were baby-making. she says, "wow". not at all embarrassed, but truly amazed by such big animals and how they mate. sometimes, she's too grown up. ;) had hope seen the same thing, she would have covered her eyes with some squealing and giggling and rambling about get a room or something equally retarded. bwahahahahahah! i can't believe those 2 came from the same womb.

Mandy on Monday, 09 March, 2009 said...

Oh yes... one of the dogs we rescued surprised us by going into heat this week! ack! She's going to the vet as soon as they can get her in... can you imagine what chaos ONE dog in season creates in a pack? Holy crap...

Thankfully we only have girl dogs, and two male PUPPIES... of course none of our neighbors seem to find it important to neuter THEIR males, so we get what your girls got to witness Sunday. lol

Madison is hilarious with that stuff.. we've explained it all to her, but I swear it still is so over her head. One day she'll finally understand I'm sure! lol

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