Monday, March 23, 2009

New Puppies Needing Homes

Posted by Mandy at 1:51 PM

Oh, the never-ending problem. Too many dogs, not enough people adopting. *sigh*

Clayton went to the pound this morning and, to my shock, came home with FOUR Beagle mix puppies. They were so disgusting! If you've never taken a puppy directly from the pound, then you can't imagine the stink that comes off of them. They are literally soaked in urine and feces... being so little they aren't with it enough to only use the bathroom in one corner of the kennel - so they pee and poop everywhere, then walk through it, lay in it, etc... 24/7. (well, until it's cleaned out!) Thankfully Clayton called to warn me to fill the tub and get ready for an afternoon of bath times!

I was stunned when he brought in the four nasty, but gorgeous, puppies. There are 3 males and one female - all totally sweet! They love to be held and cuddled and are quite calm! (shocking!) They are probably 3 months old or so. You'd have to see them in real life to grasp just how darn cute they are... really.. beautiful!

We are totally OVERRUN at the pound right now. We're having to euthanize dogs for the first time in quite a while simply due to overcrowding. These GREAT dogs are dying simply because no one wants them. It is depressing and I am desperate to get ANY of our homeless dogs homes. If you've thought at all about getting a dog, PLEASE let me know. PLEASE do not buy from a breeder... let me help you find the perfect dog for your family. You can save a life! As the awesome organization Dogs Deserve Better says, "Don't breed or buy while shelter dogs die!" I couldn't say it better myself!

Check out some of our available dogs at - more will be added this week! Some on the site will be removed - I believe several were euthanized. I'll be visiting the pound tomorrow morning (Tuesday morning) around 10:30am if anyone wants to come and see the dogs we have for themselves!


Allison on Monday, 23 March, 2009 said...

Oh that one is a cutie too! It makes me sad too that there are too many dogs and not enough people! I'm glad you are doing something to help them!

Anonymous said...

I cant hardly stand to go to the site and see the pics of the dogs euthanized...

Mandy on Wednesday, 25 March, 2009 said...

I know, KT... I've never left the euthanized dogs pics up before and told the truth about why they vanished. I just figured that everyone should know what I know.. it might move some 'stuck' people to act!

Anonymous said...

Mandy, I think you made a good choice. People just try to ignore what is really going on but it's time they face reality.

Everyone, please keep in mind that you don't have to adopt an animal to help out (I mean, it is the best way, but there are other ways). The shelters are always in need of volunteers, food, supplies, and donations.

Maybe you aren't opposed to having an animal around, but you just aren't looking for a long term commitment. Guess what! You can still help save a life. By taking on a "temporary" pet until a more permanent home can be found, you can help these animals have a better shot at a life worth living. You can buy them a little extra time before they are robbed of a life that could have been great.

Just remember when you are looking for a pet, skip the classifieds and go to the shelters. You'd be suprised how many of the dogs that are sold by breeders end up there. If you let someone at the shelters know what you are looking for, you might be first in line to get what you want.

We can't save all the animals in this world, but we can make a difference in one animal at a time...

Also, please remember that it is our refusal to neuter and even our neglect that land these animals in these shelters in the first place. Please have your pet spayed or neutered to help prevent further overpopulation in the shelters.

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