Sunday, September 07, 2008

You Know Sunday Service Was Good When...

Posted by Mandy at 6:02 PM
... You can't stop singing the songs that the BCM band played. They joined some of our praise band members and the collision of talent was simply amazing!

... Talking about how great church was trumps talking about how hungry you are.

...You absorbed so much of the Biblical teachings that you collapse onto the couch when you arrive home and contemplate a nap. (until your one year old rises early from his...)

... Both of your older children go on and on about how much fun they had.

... Both of your older children have a hard time waiting for their turn to tell you what they learned in class that morning.

... You leave actually starting to believe you can be useful to God, even though you are far from the Christian you should be.

... Knowing you get to go back that evening is exciting!

... Evening service was equally as powerful as morning, even though you mainly hung out, played, and had a blast!

... You arrive home and your toddler had such a fun day that you have to carry his sweet sleepy-head right to bed.

... You cannot wait until next Sunday.


Jennifer on Monday, 08 September, 2008 said...

Amen to that Mandy! It was a wonderful blessed Sunday! We had a wonderful day as well and it's always special when your 3 yr old tells you she learned about Jesus! What a wonderful feeling!!

Amanda and Justin Dreyer on Monday, 08 September, 2008 said...

We miss you guys and Journey! Glad to hear things are going good though!

Sugar-n-Spice on Tuesday, 09 September, 2008 said...

It was a wonderful day. Very special for us and our daughters, who have now become our sisters in Christ! ;)

Ana on Wednesday, 10 September, 2008 said...

Isn't it the best when Sunday inspiration lasts throughout the rest of the day, into the week and impacting the family! It's the best feeling. Is that you with the lil guy? If it is you are gorgeous!

Mandy on Thursday, 11 September, 2008 said...

AWw, thanks Ana! You should've seen me 7 months ago.. ACK! lol

A.J. Huffman on Tuesday, 23 September, 2008 said...

I agree, church was wonderful. What a great time for me to make my first trip to Journey. And even though Jeff is a goof ball, he does have a way of explaining things so it will make sense.

jerm on Tuesday, 11 November, 2008 said...

Mandy you are so being used by God!!! You are doing such an amazing work with our children!! You are a God send.

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