Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tips to Strengthen Hands?

Posted by Mandy at 2:28 PM
Before I get to the intention of my post, I want to thank those of you that commented and emailed and are willing to let me try my hand at helping you with your dogs! I'm sure some crazy blog posts will follow each interaction!

Now, to get to the point.

Carter is still doing simply marvelous at school. His one problem seems to be poor hand strength. Thankfully, I know he is one of about half of the class that has this same problem. Things like holding his pencil and crayons correctly are incredibly difficult for him, and even using scissors for very long get him frustrated and he wants to stop.

The crazy thing is that he can write his name and the entire alphabet holding his pencil completely wrong. Not only can he write it, but he can write it WELL. It seems his little hands were allowed to do it the 'wrong' way for too long. (yes, I know, that's my fault.)

Everyone assured me he would learn on his own to hold things the right way. I always tried to correct him... to no avail. I bought big fat crayons hoping they would help. Nope.

His teacher gave me a few simply suggestions like letting him play with clay and just simply practicing even more with scissors and such at home. She showed me some really neat 'ball' style things that fit on their pencils where they are supposed to hold them. I will definitely look for those the next time I'm at the store.

We're doing more scissor work and I'm going to dig out the Play-Dough and help him make actual things with it. I always thought his reluctance to make an actual shape out of his dough was due to his young age and his lack of caring for art. Now, I am starting to realize it has more to do with his being unable to make his hands work correctly to form shapes and do what he wants. He is so his mother... if he can't do it perfectly from the start, he doesn't even want to try. Poor lil' guy.

Have any of you dealt with similar issues with any of your children? Do you have any suggestions other than the ones I have already mentioned?


Lou said...

Do lots of fine motor like you are? We always say pinch your pencil like you would pinch your sister. Kids usually like that.

From a teacher stand point, don't buy big crayons or pencils. Use the regular size ones.

Anonymous said...

As a Special Education teacher the ball thing is called a pencil gripper and it works wonders. If its the kind that has the flat edges it helps him put his little fingers in the right places. Have him pretend to trace his letters in the air and draw them on his back with your finger. Then model how to hold the pencil with the grip and hold his hand and guide him to write his name. then have him try on his own. He eventually takes alot of practice.Don't be so hard on yourself!

Maury on Thursday, 25 September, 2008 said...

I think this is very typical of kids his was with all 3 of mine, and it just takes a couple of more years for his hands to strenghten, and his coordination to get better. My kids have held things crazy, and that works itself out on your own. I see I have no magical solution, or creative idea for ya. My advice is to just not worry about it, and it will come to him with time.

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