Monday, September 01, 2008

Go Away Gustav!

Posted by Mandy at 7:54 AM
Today is the day. Hurricane Gustav is pounding our neighbors in Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi as I type this. We should all keep them in our prayers and do all we can to help them get back on their feet once the waters subside and they return to see if they still have standing homes.

I can't help but be a bit selfish in my request for this big bad hurricane to disperse quickly. My husband is on the second round of troopers that will be deployed after the hurricane dies down enough for them to drive into the surrounding states.

When Katrina hit, three years ago, he was on the first round and left within two days of the monstrous hurricane. He was gone for two weeks. What he saw there is something that will forever haunt him. I pray that this time he escapes having to go at all. For my own sake and for his.

Last night he got the call that we were waiting for from one of his Sergeants to say to pack up and be on stand-by. The call came as we had a house full of our Journey friends over for a Settler's tournament, followed by hours of playing the Wii. (our first time playing with 4 players.. it was really fun!) My worry and anxiety over the phone call came in waves. I was very thankful to have so many fantastic friends over to take our minds off of the upcoming events.

The more I was sad for myself, the more I realized that I am the least of people to be affected by this hurricane. Yes, it is incredibly hard to be without Clayton indefinitely. I especially don't want him in a situation like the one approaching where people are desperate and act out worse than ever. I know how difficult, physically and emotionally, it will be for Clayton if he must go. Seeing death and destruction is something that has to leave a scar on one's soul.

No matter what we'll go through, it cannot match what the people being hit by this storm are and will go through. Can you imagine leaving your home via mandatory evacuation, having no idea where this crowded bus is taking you? Having no idea if you will have a home to come back to?

I keep trying to imagine myself being one of those mothers I've seen on the news. My toddler in my arms, my children at my sides. My husband and i praying we all get on the same bus. None of us knowing what is about to happen. What a horrible feeling. I pray that God will provide peace in this chaotic time. In times like these, he is all we have to cling to. Though we don't understand why things like this happen, we can rest assured that it is all in his hands. The good, the bad, and the ugly. He is in control even when it seems that no control can be found.


Ana on Monday, 01 September, 2008 said...

My heart goes out to your husband and you. He truly has one of the hardest careers ever. I can say that from experience because The Hubster is in law enforcement also. It takes an incredibly strong, giving and selfless person to be able to face the kinds of heartwrenching situations our spouses have to deal with. On the flip side being the wife of one of these men is just as difficult too. The constant fear of whether they will be okay, how long will they be gone, the emotional side effects, etc are not easy to deal with. Truly if it wasn't for God's grace and being ever present I know I couldn't do it. Sometimes I have to leave it in his hands.

I hope and pray that Gustav isn't like Katrina. My heart goes out to those in the region being affected.

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