Friday, March 02, 2007

This is easy...

Posted by Mandy at 8:09 PM
I will probably eat these words in the next few days, because that's just how 'it' works. But I was just thinking about a brief conversation I had with Brandy F. at small group the other night. I asked her how old Kynlee was.. (9).. and I told her how glad I am to get to be around a child a bit older than Madison. It always seems like such foreign territory dealing with a child any older than my own. I told her how I can remember holding Madison as a newborn and looking at other people's two year olds and thinking "How will I take care of a two year old?!" Being the mom to a 5/6 year old was beyond imagining to me at that time. It just hit me today that I AM the mother of a CHILD now. Not a baby... not a toddler.. a child. And it's pretty easy! It's nothing like what I had imagined it would be. She's such a sweet girl. So empathetic, so smart, and so so so wanting to please. This is just her nature... she was a perfect child to start out parenting! I was worried Carter would be my insane crazy child, but so far he really is not a big deal either! He's definitely more physically active than Madison was, but as far as his behavior, now that he's almost a big 3yr old.. we have almost no problems with him. I don't know the last time he even had to sit in time out! The hitting has almost totally stopped, and other than a few yelling episodes at other kids, he's basically lost his aggressive side. He outgrew it! Hooray! :) I have just been surprised at how 'easy' parenting has been up until this point. Sure, you have days that you want to run away and hide lol. But, as a whole, God has just blessed me with this whole raising kids thing. Once I was willing to work on being patient, he gave me patience! I don't always keep my cool, but MOST of the time I do. That's such a big achievement for me. I'm not a yeller, not a spanker (no offense everyone else in the parenting world lol), not a briber, and not a mom that gives in and caters to my kids every whims. These were the things I feared I would become as a mother.. I actually worried I would no longer like my kids much once they weren't sweet babies anymore. (that sounds awful.. just being truthful though) Imagine my shock when my almost 6yr old can still bring me to tears by saying something sweet. That my soon to be 3yr old still melts me with those sporadic kisses and hugs. I could've never seen this coming! Isn't it wonderful that God gives us children? Seriously... I'm so undeserving of mine... and he's given me three. He's given me three humans that, at least for a short time in their lives, will see me as the most wonderful person in the world. Someone they really can't imagine not having in their lives each and every single day. What a huge gift! Thank you God for the children! For mine especially :)


K.T. on Friday, 02 March, 2007 said...

That is so sweet and hopefully it does last.Although it is not always so smooth sailing with my own....days like today,they amaze me.I am apparently,raising three "care taker" types.I had Miss Justice today-and they catered to her every whim....they played with her,gave her a bottle,brought me diapers and wipes,even wanted to hold her.They did not exclude her in any way....I am beaming!!!!

Brittany on Saturday, 03 March, 2007 said...

I know pretty much what you mean. I felt the same way when I found out I was pregnant. That I'd never make it through pregnancy. Then the closer dday came, I remember thinking that I just couldn't take care of a baby. How would I know what he needed? How in the world would I be able to distinguish a "hungry" cry from a "sleepy" cry? But up until this point it has been really easy. It's funny because I'd been having those same fears again about when Cayson gets older. I guess the fear of the unknown never really goes away. But it's helpful to hear from moms like you who've "been there".

Brandy on Saturday, 03 March, 2007 said...

yep, parenting an older child is completely different than parenting a baby, and even a toddler. it is absolutely a blessing to watch them "coming into their own." many parents miss the opportunity to not only get to know, but to enjoy their children. children bring to light another part of god, his creativity...even his sense of humor. the need for constant supervision leaves and the need for addressing the moral behind the actions arises. i'm not convinced it's easier, but it is certainly enjoyable, to say the least. plus, the more children you have, the more fun watching the relationships between them becomes. here's to the years to come....our learning, and theirs!

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