Thursday, January 04, 2007

Dr's appt update

Posted by Mandy at 8:51 AM
I went to the doctor yesterday for another checkup. (15 weeks) All was great! My blood pressure was perfect, I've finally gained 1 pound, putting me back to my prepregnancy weight, and baby's heartrate was 138bpm. (baby was snoozing it seemed) For some really exciting news: we get to find out if we have a boy or a girl on February 7!! Omgosh I cannot wait! And, I think we're going to spring for the 4D ultrasound. When will I ever get this oppertunity again, right? I can't wait to see the baby... just to see fingers and toes, and hopefully a great face shot. At this point I'm less concerned about the sex of the baby.. I just want to lay eyes on him or her! So next month I'll hopefully have some gorgeous baby pics to share with you all.

On the subject of babies... I finally found a sling that I want. I've been searching for them online and talking to other women about them forever.. and it's a pouch style sling from Slinglings and it's got RAVE reviews. The price is fantastic at right around $35 (much cheaper than a maya wrap and other styles that are similar to the pouch system that I like) so I could even buy one now and one later! My only dilima is whether or not to spring for the padded kind, that is good for leg support of older babies/toddlers in the hip hold. Might as well I guess.. I'll probably regret not getting it if I don't later on. I think it's like $10 extra. Considering I plan to be using it for 2+ years.. that's probably a small price to pay! I don't know if any other mommies are into babywearing/slinging but the sling I'm looking into I found at and you can read other types of carrier/sling reviews from thousands of other "earthy" mommies at


Brandy on Thursday, 04 January, 2007 said...

you need to look at ergo carriers, too...still would need a sling, i didn't like them for quite so young, but from about 4 months up they are perfect. expensive, but worth it. i still carry karis in hers...30 pounds, all the time. she and i are both comfortable for up to 4 hours!!!!!!! that's worth it!

K.T. on Thursday, 04 January, 2007 said...

I wore two of my three babies,but not in the sling style,just in the typical carrier.4D-that will be awesome!!!!

Suzanne on Thursday, 04 January, 2007 said...

aargh! i just posted a comment and lost it!

awesome on the sling! i'm glad you found one!

i can't believe you're already 15 weeks! yea!!

Mandy on Friday, 05 January, 2007 said...

Brandy, I'd LOVE to have an Ergo but I just can't see Clayton okaying a purchase like that.. maybe when the babe is around 1yr old... he might see it as a good buy! lol

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