Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

Posted by Mandy at 9:12 PM
First off, huge thanks to LeeAnn and Taylor for having all of us (minus Clayton, who was working of course) over for a few hours of fun tonight! It was much better than the original plans I had made of sitting home with the kids alone all night. lol No New Year's Eve kiss for me this year I guess... ah well.. a belated one will have to do.

So is anyone else always a bit sad when a new year starts? I hate to admit it, but in general I have a really hard time letting go of things. All kinds of things. Papers that Madison or Carter have drawn, old clothes (just the kids'.. not mine), even things that you wouldn't think you'd be attatched to, like my now old cell phone. I miss it... I have a hard time moving forward. Before the ball dropped Dick Clark said something along the lines of "these are the last few seconds of 2006..." and I got a bit sad. 2006 wasn't the best year of my life, but it was a good year. Madison even said to me, "When it's 2007 I'll turn 6 years old!" Ugh... thanks for that reminder! I just got over the shock of her turning 5. lol Instead of focusing on what all I feel like I'm leaving behind in '06.. I'm trying to focus on my goals and what I'm looking forward about '07. Obviously, our long awaited baby will arrive in June.. and to be totally honest I CAN'T WAIT! :) Clayton and I are on our way to working our way, slowly but surely, out of debt. Madison will play in her second year of Tball, in which Clayton plans to coach, this summer... and we're all really excited about that. Carter will turn 3 and I plan to start a more structured preschool routine with him sometime following that. So, there are those things plus so many more that will come that are so very worth being excited about! Even in the short term.. like this Wednesday I go for my 4 month prenatal checkup.. and I'm super excited! Then, in February, we should get to find out if our baby is a boy or a girl. (can't wait to buy the first blue or pink item!) And, I'm feeling the baby move some now.. and I know it'll just get better and better as the days go by. And, hopefully in 2007 Clayton and I will be able to agree on a name for this new one.. so far no luck! Just for those that are curious.. the names I like are as follows:
Girl: Sophia, Olivia, Ava, Mia, Victoria
Boy: Samuel (favorite), William, and I'm liking the names Dean (my dad's middle name) and Charles as middle names for SOME first name..

clayton has said he likes Samuel... but hasn't said he's sold on it. The only girl names he's thrown out are Megan (no) and Morgan (cute.. maybe). So... we're basically at square 1. Oh the name game... it's all part of it! I wonder if my parents gave much thought to my name. I know my first name is from the song "Mandy" and my middle name is after my Mom's used to be best friend. (Beth) Cool tidbit: If I'd have been a boy.. my name would've been Clayton. :)

Yes, I realize I've rambled on about nearly nothing.. forgive me. I'm home alone and my kids are asleep! I haven't had this much internet time in.... weeks! I'm off to lay on the couch and poke at my belly in hopes that the little bean will poke back so I can go wash my face and brush my teeth in pure joy. As long as the monsterous spider I saw run behind the desk earlier doesn't show back up.. my night will be good! (Suzanne... I feel a battle cry coming on...)


Brittany on Monday, 01 January, 2007 said...

I am the same way...I'm always sad to see the new year roll in. I'm not good with change at all. Especially with getting older! It seems like I just graduated from high school, yet it's been almost 2 years since I graduated from college!

As for names, I love all your names you've picked out. Olivia is a particular favorite of mine. I think whichever one you pick will be great! I must say, that's one thing that Shaun and I completely agreed upon from a couple of years before Cayson was born. We even have a girl's name already picked out. Now, if we have another boy, or 2 girls, it might be a different story!

K.T. on Monday, 01 January, 2007 said...

The new year actually gives me a feeling of resolve and relief.....that I have another chance,another day and another year to "get it right".I love Olivia-that was going to be one of the names we were going to use but didnt-I also love the name Ava!Dean is a good strong name for a boy!!!!Happy New Year!!!!!!!

Brandy on Tuesday, 02 January, 2007 said...

oh, how i love the name game!!! :) i've had a "thing" for names for as long as i can remember! lots of great names on your list! i can't wait to hear the winner!

in response to your question on my post, i wanted to just throw some ideas out at you. i'm not in any way trying to shy you away from any formal school for carter; however, one thing i have definitely learned so far is not to rush things. even in kindergarden, when karis gets there, i anticipate much less work and much more fun. the biggest goal at such a young age (i'd say from about 2.5 or so till as old as 6 or7) is character building, confidence building, and "teaching" an excitement for learning. let carter do the guiding. pick things he's interested in... for example, i'm guessing if he's a typical boy, do lots of outside work. adopt a tree, really look closely at the leaves, bark, bugs on it... keep an aquarium and put frog eggs in there and watch the little tadpoles grow into frogs. build an incubator and hatch chicken eggs. talk about life and the phases of life and the different species of animals...seasons,nature, the sun, the moon, weather, etc. each month play a particular classical composer often and just casually talk about his life some. another favorite of mine with young kids is just talking about other countries...looking at maps and having meals that would be normal to that country and maybe even dressing the part if appropriate. he might not be able to understand a map at all, yet, but even very young kids quickly get this flare for life and love of all god's people. looking at maps or an atlas is still one of my kids' favorite things to "read". read a lot, and become great friends with the library. you'd be suprised at how much he learns and retains. FUN above all else. with kamryn, i did teach her to read her pre-K year. then, in K i started her in handwriting and math. but nothing else "formal". that method has worked well, and i will probably repeat it with karis.

guess you'll never ask me a question again :)...unless you really want another rattle session. :)

Jeff Noble on Wednesday, 03 January, 2007 said...

Hey girl! Thought you might want to know that one of our small groups has decided to keep going in a once-a-month format and call themselves "DA" - Debtors Anonymous. It's a support and encouragement group for those serious about getting out of debt and using their freedom to glorify Christ.

Holla if you and Clayton would be interested!

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