Monday, October 30, 2006

There's that reassurance!

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I knew it would show up eventually! Almost right on 'textbook' time! I'll be 6 weeks tomorrow.. and I've felt like crap ALL DAY! yahoo! lol I think I'll be spending a lot of time with the toilet in the next few months... it's only a matter of time before it progresses to that! lol Kristy.. if you read this.. go ahead and let me know those remedies you said you know! I'd really like to avoid a) taking the meds again and b) being in the hospital! Hook a sista up! Good news is all of my clothes still fit the same.. and so hopefully I can make it another few weeks before I have to bust out my stretchy, almost maternity, pants! We'll see!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Halloween again!

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How is it time for Halloween again? These are the costumes the kids have chosen for themselves. Madison is a fairy princess and Carter is an Incredible. (his favorite movie!) I think it's going to be so much fun trick-or-treating this year... both of the kids are old enough to really enjoy it now. Speaking of, any word yet on what night we'll actually be going house to house? It's sure to be a lot of fun and I'm sure to be able to find any kind of candy I want to satisfy any cravings I might suddenly get in the kids pumpkin buckets! (you know you eat your children's candy too... don't act like it's just me!)

A quick update on me. I'm 5ish weeks along now.. and besides being extremely tired I feel fine. I keep waiting to wake up feeling sick any day now.. and sometimes I almost wish I would be sick at least now and again for some reassurance. It worries me that I haven't been sick really yet. Next week I'll probably be posting that I'm so sick I can no longer leave the house.. so I better be careful what I wish for! I'm just ready to get past this first trimester.. it's so very scary being early pregnant. My first doctor's appt seems like an eternity away.. I'll be 9 weeks when I go. Should make for a great ultrasound then though! Anyway.. just wanted to update anyone who was curious! I'll let you know if my lack of illness changes. ;)

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Party update!

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Well, the Parkers ended up not being able to make it to the party... but we partied anyway! To say we had fun is a huge understatement! We all hung out, ate, and played games from 11am until 10pm!! yes.. you read that right! My stomach is sore from laughing so hard. Thanks everyone for showing up even though the Parkers couldn't come. It was really so much fun! We'll have to all do it again sometime soon. :)

Any men that are up to driving out for a game of "settlers" please call my husband... he is addicted to it after playing it just once! Taylor, you better bring some friends over soon to do that again! :) Clayton's already itching to beat you all another time I think. Just kidding... kinda.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


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Yes... you read that correctly! I... finally.. am pregnant! I took a test this morning, not thinking it would be positive, because they never are... and it was! It came up almost immediatley!! I am in shock.. I am thrilled, and I don't think I could thank God anymore than I already have so far today! I'm a nervous wreck... I find myself doubting the test now. I plan to go buy more and retest.. if I see several positive tests it might seem more real. Thank you God.. you heard me, you helped me! Now just stay here with me! Clayton is away in Little Rock all week for training so I had to tell him over the phone. He is shocked and happy too. He told me to not to walking this morning, I don't need to move around at all, to come home and sit down. He's so silly... but it's sweet that he's already so concerned. Thank you for all of your prayers.. keep them coming! Now, just pray for a healthy mom and baby!!! I cannot believe this... I really can't!

Just a reminder.. Saturday will be party time at our house. THe Parkers will be here around 11am, we plan to grill out for lunch around 12 or 1, and they are just going to hang out all day/night so if you get a moment to stop by at ANYTIME of the day or evening please do. I know that they'd love to see as many friends as possible while they're here. If you'd like to bring something to help with lunch let me know and I'll give you an idea of what we need. :)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

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Sorry I haven't blogged in a while. We've been running crazy! Race for the Cure was great! So glad I was able to go... it is so hard not to break down and cry through the entire thing though... seeing all of the pink survivor hats, and one lady I was walking behind, who was at oldest 28, had her two very young children with her. Their shirts said, "In celebration of my MOM!" and she had the survivor outfit on.. I cannot imagine the fear that family must have felt and the joy that they feel now!

I think I deserve a big hooray for not mentioning wanting to be pg at all in quite a while.. both on the blog and in real life. :) I say that as a precursor to how I'm feeling today which is insane! I just want the next week to hurry up and go by. We'll be starting our 12th month if we didn't get it this time. That's such a hard blow. To be honest, I'm not sure that we'll continue with this much longer. I'm due for a break... it's too hard! Who knows what the future will bring... but as of today, I'm just really exhausted with all of this.

We have a soccer game tonight.. I think the weather is supposed to be nice so that will be good. Last week it had gotten hot again and I was not enjoying the games that much I must say!

Oh, I forgot to say that we all did go eat lunch with madison Friday and had a great time! And, I must say, that I feel a lot better about lunch time. She was more than finished eating by the time they called them out, and I didn't feel it was too stressful like I had imagined. She seemed fine with all of it too.. and you could tell we had really made her day. She made mine too. :)

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Party day set

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Okay, the "Parker Party" is set for Saturday the 21st. It works with most ppls schedules and is best for the Parkers. We're planning on starting the big event around 1pm... and it will go until the last person leaves. :) For food, we talked it over and it's probably going to just be hamburgers and hotdogs and such.. easy food for a relaxing day! We're thinking of renting one of those jump castles... we have to call and see how much they cost, but if any of you with kids would like to contribute to our jump castle fund, let me know! lol

I forgot to brag that Madison got chosen for ABC kid this week! We're going to eat with her Friday... she'll be so excited! We're also going to stay at my mom's house Friday night because my mom, sister, and I are all walking in Race 4 the Cure Saturday morning.. it's so much fun and such a moving experience.. I look forward to it every year!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Party at our house!

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So, since the Parkers moved off I've promised them that when Clayton's schedule allowed for it, we would host a going away party for them. Yes, it's late lol but this month we can finally do it! It's either going to be Friday, October 20 or Saturday, October 21. What's best for everyone? Kids are all welcome! The plan right now is just to have a big potluck. Clayton and I can buy the meat, and everyone can bring a dish to share. It'll be an indoor/outdoor event depending upon what floats your boat. We can do a bonfire and such as well. So, if you are missing the parkers and want a chance to catch up, you're invited!! I'll let you know the official date soon, after I get every one's input. (Parkers' input required as well!)

We had such a great night last night. Madison had a soccer game, and she loves it! She seems to know what she's supposed to be doing, but she seems to get so caught up in just running she forgets to chase the ball! lol Hilarious stuff! Afterwards we went to Taylor and LeeAnn's house and had a really great time! (and an oh so healthy supper.. it was sooo yummy!) Next time at our place so Carter can run free, okay? lol We've got another soccer game tonight too, and I get to go to parent group after that! Oh how I love my parents' group! It is what kept me going when Clayton was gone to troop school. I was so so so lonely before I joined up with them. (that's also where I met Suzanne and Matt)

On a sad note, what is up with these school shootings?! I think I heard on the news that there have been 17 since this school year started!!? What is wrong with people and what should be done about this? Are there any answers? You shouldn't have to be afraid to send your child to school... this is AMERICA!!

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