Sunday, October 22, 2006

Party update!

Posted by Mandy at 1:07 PM
Well, the Parkers ended up not being able to make it to the party... but we partied anyway! To say we had fun is a huge understatement! We all hung out, ate, and played games from 11am until 10pm!! yes.. you read that right! My stomach is sore from laughing so hard. Thanks everyone for showing up even though the Parkers couldn't come. It was really so much fun! We'll have to all do it again sometime soon. :)

Any men that are up to driving out for a game of "settlers" please call my husband... he is addicted to it after playing it just once! Taylor, you better bring some friends over soon to do that again! :) Clayton's already itching to beat you all another time I think. Just kidding... kinda.


Lou Arnold on Sunday, 22 October, 2006 said...

No more settler's please. How can they stand to play a game for almost 4 hours? That is just insane.

Lee Ann James on Sunday, 22 October, 2006 said...

NOOOOOOOO!!! I'm sorry you're husband has been infected with the settlers bug. ;) It's not that bad, though, if the girls have something to do while they play. Maybe all of us can go shopping one afternoon and let them play. They'll probably still be playing when we get back. I'd be up for it!

Mark W. on Sunday, 22 October, 2006 said...

Ooooooh! Settlers!

I'm very sorry that Ang and I had to miss the festivities, but I'm totally in if there's going to be a Settlers party in the future. :)

Sounds like it was a great time.

Mandy on Monday, 23 October, 2006 said...

Leeann I'm always up for a day of shopping! :) We'll have to pencil that in next pay day! lol

Rosie on Monday, 23 October, 2006 said...

oh my gosh. Please tell me they are not still playing that stupid game. I can remember back before Lee and Tay and Phillip and I were ever married, Phillip and Taylor would spend HOURS playing it, while Lee Ann and I silently gouged our eyes out and prayed for the time to pass quickly. :)

Lee Ann James on Monday, 23 October, 2006 said...

Rose, I just had a good laugh visualizing you and me gouging our eyes out in the corner while Phillip and Taylor played Settlers. (kinda gross, though...) Ha!

Mandy on Tuesday, 24 October, 2006 said...

lol!!!! You should've just gone shopping like we're planning to do ;) Much more fun than eye gouging.

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