Thursday, October 05, 2006

Party day set

Posted by Mandy at 11:19 AM
Okay, the "Parker Party" is set for Saturday the 21st. It works with most ppls schedules and is best for the Parkers. We're planning on starting the big event around 1pm... and it will go until the last person leaves. :) For food, we talked it over and it's probably going to just be hamburgers and hotdogs and such.. easy food for a relaxing day! We're thinking of renting one of those jump castles... we have to call and see how much they cost, but if any of you with kids would like to contribute to our jump castle fund, let me know! lol

I forgot to brag that Madison got chosen for ABC kid this week! We're going to eat with her Friday... she'll be so excited! We're also going to stay at my mom's house Friday night because my mom, sister, and I are all walking in Race 4 the Cure Saturday morning.. it's so much fun and such a moving experience.. I look forward to it every year!


K.T. says peace on Thursday, 05 October, 2006 said...

:(:(:(:( May have to catch them at a different time-we will still be at pinnacle the 21st(for girlscouts)at 1 p.m. Congratualtions,Madison!!!!!!!!!!!

Mandy on Friday, 06 October, 2006 said...

K.T... if you get back in town and you're up to it, give me a call.. we're planning on a fairly late night!

K.T. says peace on Friday, 06 October, 2006 said...

Will do-we are hoping that we will not be gone too late that day!!

Angelina on Friday, 06 October, 2006 said...

Oh that time is bad. Brandy and I will be cooking all day so I don't think I will be able to make it. I thought it was in the evening. Sorry.

Rosie on Monday, 09 October, 2006 said...

Hey Mandy! Just wanted to let you know that we haven't forgotten about you guys! We are still praying for yall and thinking about ya, and we miss you too! I wish we could be there to see the parkers too, but since we can't we will just be excited that yall can. Hope yall are doing great!

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