Thursday, July 29, 2010

I've Lost My Touch

Posted by Mandy at 8:24 AM
I got a call this morning from my BFFs that they needed spur of the moment child care for their ridiculously precious baby boy. "Umm.. yes. Bring him - NOW."

He arrived at 8am, and here we are two hours later and this is all he's done:

He's just hanging out, sleeping, and looking adorable. My kids are mad because I won't let them touch him or otherwise wake him up.

In all honesty, I need him to wake up so that I can get some baby practice in. I have completely lost my ability to hold a baby and do anything else. When I hold him, that's all I do. Hold him.

How is it that I used to cook supper, bathe kids, put on kids' shoes... and basically save the world all with a baby in my arms? (Well... not that I would ever cook supper with a baby in my arms... I mean.. that would be dangerous...) Now, I need BOTH hands on this real-life doll to keep him from falling to his doom. The good news is.. there are 6 other arms just begging to get a`hold of him. Poor kid.

I'll either learn to get stuff done with this cuttie pie around or I'll just sit and look at him. Either way.. I'll call the day a success.


Liz on Thursday, 29 July, 2010 said...

if only they stayed that cute and sweet and serene...

Zeemaid on Thursday, 29 July, 2010 said...

oh how I miss those days. He is truly adorable!

Anonymous said...

Aww he is adorable! I would love to have kids, as long as they just slept most of the day!

joven on Thursday, 29 July, 2010 said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

Reagan on Thursday, 29 July, 2010 said...

Awwwwwwww! And you'll figure it out--just like you did the first time!

See Mom Smile on Thursday, 29 July, 2010 said...

Stopping by from the SITS Blog Frog community. Cute blog. I LOVE babies therefore had six of my own! (forgot I had to raise them too). I used to breastfeed and make dinner! Yea now all I want to do is sit, hold, snuggle. Can't wait for grandbabies!

Brooke on Tuesday, 03 August, 2010 said...

Six Arms???!!! Mind if i send one of my ankle biters your way for a few hours? :)

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