Tuesday, October 13, 2009

72 Year Old Grandmother Tasered... and she DESERVED IT!

Posted by Mandy at 6:06 AM
I had to blog about this after seeing the segment on the Today Show. If you haven't seen this video yet, click here. If my link doesn't work for some reason, just Google "72 year old grandmother tasered."

Being the wife of a State Trooper always makes me bias, I'm aware. But, this woman not only was legitimately pulled over for speeding in a construction zone, but she then berated the cop, refused to sign the ticket (immediately suggesting that her age should mean she didn't deserve to be pulled over in the first place), then disobeyed his orders after he got her out of the car. They were standing by the truck right on the white line of the highway when he finally shoved her off of the road. (the shove so many are outraged over.) Give me a break!!

I pray my husband would shove an old woman, too, in this case! Do you have any idea how many cops are killed each year from circumstances like these? Being hit by oncoming traffic is one of the most dangerous aspects of the job! (and, for those of you that still don't slow down or move over when going past ANY lighted vehicles (highway workers, ambulances, firetrucks,etc)... consider yourselves part of the problem..)

This woman then decided the stop was over and said she was getting back into her car! Oh yeah.. that's going to happen. So, the cop has three options.

Option 1 - let her go... yeah... sure...

Option 2 - Put hands on her, possibly hurt her, and manhandle her into handcuffs and into the back of his car. Oh the outrage!

Option 3 - Taser her... make her stop resisting arrest, and take her safely to jail.

Option 3 was the right choice, and the one he made.

Of course, no one wants to think of a little old grandma being tasered by the big bad stupid cop. (since this is the general reaction of the public.) But, think of the alternative! You don't reach an age that you are suddenly above the law! Old or young... if you start a fight with the police, chances are it ain't ending well for ya.

This woman then sued, and was given $40,000 OUT OF COURT. She sued for "pain and suffering." Give me a break! So, anyone that breaks the law, fights with the cops, resists arrest, and winds up tasered should automatically be given 40 grand? Wow... maybe I should try really hard to get pulled over today! I'll be sure to immediately begin my dialogue with the cop by saying, "You're pulling over a 5'3", 26 year old woman? Really? Just a little woman?!" Think he'd react well to this? Hopefully not! $40,000 - here I come!

For the record, the county gave the money to avoid court costs which would have been much more than that... suckers! Pay more! Make more of an example of this lady!

Also, this woman suffered no adverse reactions after being tasered! One of the wounds where the barbs enter did get an infection... but nothing serious. And, she brought it on herself... let's not forget that.

It seems like more and more police are judged and criticisized by those that have no clue what they do for a living. You can't sit back, not know a thing about the law, not know a thing about procedure, and not know what the possible alternatives were and judge. This man did the exact right thing. I actually think he probably kept his cool a lot better than most other officers... old woman or not. How much should a cop have to take?

This is just one example of why people fight with the police. Why shouldn't they? What's to stop them?


Anonymous said...

I have a bias also. People egg cops on because they think they deserve respect. Bottom line, cop stops you..listen to what they say. That woman desereved what she got. She admitted it on the Today show. The only reason they gave her a settlement was because it was cheaper than going to trial. UGH!

Some years ago my husband and I were stopped by Troopers on the Garden State Parkway. One was in training and he had a terrible attitude. The Trooper in charge was very nice. I looked at him and told him the other officer was making me nervous. The other officer got very nasty, combative and challenging. The Trooper in charge made him go back to the car and evidently read him the riot act and told him thats how cops get shot idiot. The nasty Trooper in Training came back to the car with a warning notice (tail light out) and an NICE attitude. I respect Officers but that woman was out of line.

Anonymous said...

There are ways that you handle the elderly WITHOUT injuring them! Even if they put up a fight, you can STILL mantain control without harming them. Her actions may have been wrong, but I cant condone tasering an elderly person. Go ahead though, I understand your bias. Oscar Grant deserved to get taken out in cold blood too right? As if.

Mandy on Tuesday, 13 October, 2009 said...

Annon - how would you suggest a police officer handle a fighting elderly person without harming them? Have you seen many resist arrest and how difficult it is to get them into cuffs and into a police car without injury? Elderly ppl break their own hips simply walking.. can you imagine the outrage if him pulling her arms behind her back as she struggles against him dislocated a shoulder or broke a wrist? It seems to me that in this case, nothing the cop could have done, other than let her leave, would have resulted in the public thinking he was correct in his decision making.

How did Oscar Grant get into this? lol I'm not suggesting the woman should've been shot on sight.. but that the actions of tasering her immediatley stopped the escalating circumstances and did exactly what it is there to do.

Amanda and Justin Dreyer on Wednesday, 14 October, 2009 said...

Mandy- I totally agree. The police officers who serve us put their lives on the line everyday- they deserve our respect.

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