Monday, July 20, 2009

Staying on the Fitness Track

Posted by Mandy at 2:07 PM
The past several weeks have been pretty tough on me when it comes to eating right and exercising. For me, the two go hand in hand, and without one, I struggle to do the other.

With a big part of my business being dog walking, I was walking several miles a day with clients' dogs when I suddenly found myself injured. I have had trouble off and on with a tendon in my left ankle flaring up when over worked, and boy.. did it flare up! For about one week I could barely walk at all, and after two weeks I was finally barely limping on it. Now, four weeks later I've rested a lot and am feeling much better.

Along with physically being off the exercise band-wagon, my healthy eating went right out the window, too. As I said, I struggle to do one without the other. After a solid month of not watching my food very closely and not exercising (other than lifting light hand-weights a few days a week) I found myself up about 3 pounds. Ugh... it's so easy to put on.. so hard to take off. Not only did I gain a few pounds, but I felt so tired, sluggish, and even moody! It's amazing how exercise can lift our spirits and how eating well can boost our energy. The opposite definitely proves true, as well!

So, here I am getting back on track. My ankle is healed and I started today with a great oldie but goodie workout - The FIRM. Oh how I love thee... I feel healthier already! I'm drinking a ton of water to help my body flush out all of the junk I've poured into it and am having to hold myself back a bit. I'm so eager to be back to my regular daily activities.. but I have to go slowly to avoid hurting myself again.

I'll post a few of my favorite healthy lunch plans and snacks soon - I was asked to do that by a few people several months ago and I miserably failed at doing so. This time, I'm on it!

Is anyone else finding themselves having to get motivated to stick with a healthy lifestyle?


Lee Ann said...

You know it, girl! Even though I've been working my booty off for almost two months (Is that really all? It seems like so much longer!) and only lost 3 lbs, I feel so much better. For me it's a confidence thing. I feel like my body is reshaping itself, and can I just say hallelujah! You look so great already, you're gonna be a bombshell with this plan! You be sure to tell Clayton what a lucky guy he is. ;) My fave healthy snack - nonfat vanilla yogurt with blueberries and sliced strawberries. Yummy!

Me on Monday, 20 July, 2009 said...

You can do it! Being injured sucks-I feel your pain on that one. Two of my favorite healthy eats (besides soups):

I have a smoothie almost every day. I use fresh fruit or frozen, either is great. If your fresh fruit is starting to turn, you can peel/chop it and save it in the freezer for smoothies. Lately mine include cantaloupe, strawberries (I buy a 4lb bag of these frozen every couple of weeks), fresh blueberries, banana, and blackberries + skim milk and a little of whatever fruit juice I have. I love these.

Little Pizza: saute chopped bell pepper and onions, add garlic for the last minute or so. Use any oil or water if you prefer for the cooking. Toast a pita bread (whole grain) and smear your preferred tomato sauce on and add the cooked veg (you can add squash or whatever you like to your veg sauteing). I top it with crushed pepper flakes and garlic salt. No cheese! Low calorie, large dish.

Lou on Monday, 20 July, 2009 said...

I have problems exercising. I am trying to lose about 20 pounds. I know most people say what, but that will put me at 125. I have fallen in love with the Wii Fit. I worked out for 50 minutes straight. I even sweated, I never sweat. It was fun. This is going to be my workout. It even calculates you BMI and you set a goal for how much you want to gain or lose and in what time. My goal weight is for 1 year. You ought to come over and try it. You will fall in love with it.

Think I will blog about it. Check out the blog of Friday.

AJ Huffman on Tuesday, 21 July, 2009 said...

I have seriously fell off the wagon myself....I need to get back to walking and eating better real soon....So know your not

Ann on Tuesday, 21 July, 2009 said...

I can't wait to see your healthy snack and lunch ideas!! I'm ready for those! We're back at it ourselves. We did okay with the chaos of last week, but we're back full swing this week! It does feel good!

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