Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Getting Out of Debt Part 2

Posted by Mandy at 7:24 AM
I posted this a little over a month ago, and boy that has been a tough month! I think I've entered the "I'm sick of this and I want to go shopping" phase of getting out of debt. Hmmph. This is hard.

This week, for example, Clayton has training in Little Rock so the kids and I decided to come up to see him. While he's in class all day, the kids and I are at my mom's... so close to Little Rock. So close to shopping, eating out, fun-fun-fun! Thankfully, Nana has a pretty fun house so we're busy here.. but I could really have a good time at Park Plaza right now...

Then, I remind myself of the land I want, the house I want, and all that jazz. Not gonna get it spending money on eating out and new clothes. (working on figuring out a method of shopping that somehow pays off debt...)

Clayton did take me out on the town last night with some good friends and we had a blast. I think it was what we both needed! It's kind of like when someone goes on an insane crash diet, eats way too little and never even has a taste of the junk food they really want, then they go nuts eating 3 times what they normally would have and gain back all of the weight they just lost. I figure as long as we just keep "tasting" spending money and avoid going nuts with it, we'll be able to keep this pace of paying off debt.

It's slow but steady. Every now and then I'll have an exceptionally good month with work and we'll be able to put more towards it, and boy that feels great! Typically, we just keep chopping away at it and hope that we'll get to our "we can look at houses now" goal sooner than later. Patience is a virtue that I tend to lack in this area. If there is anything that God can use to help us learn trust, patience, and contentment, it's paying off debt!!


Anonymous said...

See,I just tell myself that I am school clothes shopping or something like that. ;) and eat dollar burgers,that way,you arent going against your spending habits but still not deterring fun either-

Sun-Kissed Savages on Thursday, 09 July, 2009 said...

It's so easy to nickel-and-dime the finances away. My weakness is thrift stores more than restaurants & clothes shopping. ;-)

Like you said, though, it sure helps to keep the end goal in mind. I may need to make myself a motivation poster on the inside of my closet or something, with pictures of the house I want, land, etc. In an inconspicuous location I think it would serve as a motivator when I need it, but not a source of discontentment.

Keep up the good work!

Ann on Friday, 10 July, 2009 said...

Thanks for continuing to share this saga. I have had several "go out and spend money now, now, now!!!!!" urges lately. Buying a $5 book on eBay for school or getting to eat Chick-fil-A for lunch when we had to be in Little Rock for an errand and had to eat out anyway have both been big helps to just do a little something fun without going overboard. Doug and I had an encouraging talk about "the plan" yesterday - it's just not seeming quite so overwhelming anymore, even though we still have a ways to go. Still praying for you as you work through it...thanks again for sharing!

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