Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Navigating Delicious

Posted by Mandy at 6:19 AM
I just joined Delicious and am totally lost. All of my writing buddies keep telling me I HAVE to get involved in these social networking sites to see what's hot right now online and also to promote my own stuff... so I'm trying it out!

I've made it as far as installing the stuff onto my computer and now I'm at the "You have no one in your network - Yet!" part. Umm... okay.. so now what? I'm used to Facebook, folks... all ya do is type in the name of your best friend and up pops their page. How do I get people into my network? It's amazing how much more I know about this kind of stuff today, as compared to last year, yet how far behind I can still feel! I'm trying to step up my game and get back into writing. The hardest part of writing is promoting your work and getting it out there for people to see. I'm making money daily off of the articles I've already written on a "page view revenue" setup.. but obviously the more page views the better! Also, I can promote some of my favorite writers' work as well!

So, if you're into social networking sites like Delicious, help me out! Give me the idiot-proof version, please!


Anonymous said...

yeah,I know nothing.
But you should sign up over at Serious.life and blogher.

I am signed up at Delicious too but have NO idea what I am doing on there.

Quiskaeya on Thursday, 16 April, 2009 said...

Girlfriend I wish I could help you. I was told to join, delicious, stumbleupon, linkin, blah, blah & blah, blah. As you can see eventually it all started sounding like blah, blah to me. I tried, but I couldn't get into them. Maybe when I have more time I'll study them again.

I hope you have more success than I did. I'd love to see you promote your endeavours!

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