Friday, October 17, 2008

Ruth and other doggie news

Posted by Mandy at 8:47 AM

This is Ruth! She is approximately 2 years old and is a 66 pound white lab. She is BEAUTIFUL! She is in desperate need of a gentle, patient, and loving home. Her previous home was full of abuse and neglect and has left her with a lot of fear of people. We have had her for two weeks now and she loves our children, our dogs, our cats, and me! She is still afraid of Clayton, but his lack of time to spend with her is the reason. Even with him not being around her very much, she is much better around him than she was.

Even though she has been so mistreated by humans in her life, she is absolutely a gentle giant. I have not seen one second of aggression in this girl - even when she was very afraid. She loves to be loved on, and is desperate to belong. She now likes to go for walks and she is happy to jog or stroll. I cannot stress enough how incredibly sweet this girl is.
She was just spayed a few days ago and is recovering very well. She is soon to get all of her shots and will be completely vetted before being adopted. As soon as she heals from being spayed, I am going to start some more complex psychological obstacles for her, like taking her to the park to walk amongst other people and strange noises. These things make her want to shut down, and I have to make her face them and learn that she can trust people so that she will be a great dog.
If you are interested in Ruth, email me at pupfostermom(at)gmail(dot)com.
Also, Justin Dreyer emailed and said that a large Chihuahua puppy breeder/hoarder just got shut down. There are MANY puppies and dogs in desperate need of a good home. If you are interested, email me at the same address.


Mindy on Friday, 17 October, 2008 said...

I came to your blog to see if you knew of a home for our male white lab. He's almost two and a great dog. He just barks CONSTANTLY. It drives all of us nuts, and more importantly my autistic son. It's to the point where he has meltdowns over it.
If you know of anyone please email me or comment on my blog.

Mandy on Friday, 17 October, 2008 said...


Are you in AR? Do you live near me? If so, I could come to your house and try to work with the dog to stop the problem rather than try to find another home for him. What do you think?

Maury on Saturday, 18 October, 2008 said...


This is great you are doing this for these dogs!! Are you having to foot the whole bill to have their shots and Spayed/neutered?? I can't remember, you may have mentioned that before, I was just concerened at how quickly this could add up for you, and if you had any kind of charity fund going or something to pay for them! You don't get to receive a monthly check from the state to help cover costs like I do. Haha!

Mandy on Sunday, 19 October, 2008 said...

Maury, oh how I wish we had a fund that came from somewhere other than our checking acct. lol

Thankfully we do have the Bob Barker grant money to help with some of the cost of getting them spayed/neutered..but it's still a copay of $25-$35 a dog. (depending on size.) Getting their shots is what's so expensive. I go to the cheapest vet in town, and it's about $100 to get them fully vetted. (shots, worming, heartworm test, ect.)

This is why there is an adoption fee. For people that adopt from me, I simply charge whatever I payed on vet bills. They get all of the paperwork on the dogs, and basically reimburse me for my cost. Of course, that doesn't cover food and such.. which is costly, but it helps.

Some complain about the adoption fee... and those are the people that we don't want adopting dogs. Anyone that's taken a dog to the vet knows how expensive it is just for BASIC stuff... owning a dog can be expensive!

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