Monday, March 17, 2008

Yet another reason to hate drunk drivers

Posted by Mandy at 7:46 AM
Besides the fact that drunk drivers kill people or cause accidents daily in Arkansas, last night my family found yet another reason to hate drunk drivers. It was 6:00pm exactly. The kids were watching a new movie we rented from Red Box (which we LOVE! Hooray for Red Box!) and Clayton and I were watching one as well. We were just getting to the suspenceful, nail-biting, what's going to happen next, part of the movie when everything shut off. The entire house went dark. The kids scream and run out our room (frustration from the movie going off mixed with fear of the dark) and Clayton and I sit quietly, somehow thinking that sitting still and not moving would magically help the lights flick back on. It didn't, and they didn't. A few minutes later Clayton's cell phone rings. It's a fellow officer calling to see if Clayton would assist him with a drunk driver since they were just a mile from our house. Clayton was off duty, but his passion for getting drunks off of the road always prevails and he heads out. A few minutes later he's back home, another Trooper that was on duty showed up to help. (I was so thankful... I did not want to be in the house, in the dark, alone with the kids AGAIN. The two days of that in the snow storm was enough for me) The drunk driver had wrecked out on our highway and knocked over a light pole. Oh, thank you, Mr. Drunk Driver. Because of your completely selfish attitude, your in ability to think of what MIGHT happen if you get wasted and then drive your 2 ton automobile going 60mph down a two lane highway, you slammed into the light pole that supplies electricity to all of our little community. Leaving us to be in the dark, again, for nearly 6 hours. Thankfully you didn't hit a family driving innocently down the road... and by God's grace you didn't kill yourself. But, as always, your actions effected so many. It ended up okay, of course. We all slept in the living room, just as we had done in the snow storm, with a candle for a nightlight. Clayton was here this time so I wasn't overwhelmed with a dark house and three kids with no adult conversation. Clayton's now ready to get back on the highway and find another drunk driver to take his frustration out on. (he's been in a very intense Drug Recognition Expert training class for the past three weeks) So, Mr. or Mrs. Future Drunk Driver, I feel for ya when he finds you... because he will... and you will go to jail... and you will beg him not to take you as if it's his fault you're going. Because, as always, you also lack the ability to take responcibility for your actions. Talk about a soap box... this is one I could stand on for the rest of my life!


Lee Ann James on Monday, 17 March, 2008 said...

Clayton's my hero! (and Taylor's too...) Yea! ;)

K.T. is Mommatude on Tuesday, 18 March, 2008 said...

I never have understood the whole drunk driving thing,I have refused to ride with people before that had been drinking.So that night at least,there was someone completely sober driving.


WendyJanelle on Tuesday, 18 March, 2008 said...

I'm so thankful that your husband is out there, ready to put people like that behind bars.

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