Monday, March 03, 2008

The Kids

Posted by Mandy at 10:05 AM

I haven't done an update on the kids in a while so I thought it was time. First is little Sam... he's quickly becoming not quite so little anymore. He's already 8.5 months old. Where has the time gone? He's crawling and pulling up and trying to let go once he's standing to stand alone. He can for a few seconds... but then he gets excited and drops right to the floor. (or sometimes he falls forward onto whatever he pulled up on and gets a nice little head bump) He's such a talker! He crawls around the house saying "dada" and "mama" and "bye bye" all of the time. I LOVE baby talk! He's already slowly losing some of that precious baby squish. Now.. don't worry.. he's still plenty squishy! But he's getting so long that he's just stretching it all out. His favorite past time is eating. He loves to eat! That includes nursing and solids... anything I'll allow him to have, he's excited about. He's borderline obsessed with food. Eating out with him is quite a chore. He already has figured out that what we're eating is not what i'm feeding him, and that makes him a little cranky! He's still an easy going, social, sweet, cute as can be baby! Oh, he finally got two bottom teeth just in the past two weeks. I'm sad that his gummy smile is fading away, but it's neat to see him have a 'bigger baby' look to him all at the same time. My days now are spent asking the two most asked questions for anyone with a mobile baby/toddler in the house. "Where's Samuel?" and "What's in his mouth?"

Carter and Madison.. those two are quite something lately! Carter has become even more silly... if you can imagine! He's still always out for a laugh, he takes NOTHING seriously, and he's still a big time lovey kid. He makes Madison insane a lot of the time because she's the exact opposite. She is more calm and sometimes moody, likes quiet, takes everything seriously, and isn't too touchy feely. The good news is, they're really becoming great friends. Now that Carter's getting older and he's "more fun" to play with, I can see a different relationsip forming. They choose to play together now because it's a good time, not because it's the only option when we're home. It's so neat to see siblings together! (unless they're fighting....) Madison is still doing great in school. She's a great reader, and she loves music and art. She says she can't wait until second grade because she thinks she'll have science then. (no science in first grade?) She's so much like me. She LOVES animals... to a fault almost. She says she wants to be a zookeeper or work at a pet store when she grows up. That's exactly what I wanted to be when I was young. (I guess being a stay at home mom is sort of like being a zoo keeper...) Carter's doing great at his school work here at home. He knows his entire alphabet by sight now and can write the letter 'A' on his own. Also the letter 'C'. We're working on 'B' but that's a tough one! He loves doing letters... I'm shocked at his thirst for knowledge! I'm taking advantage of it while it's here. So, the kids are all doing great. We have bumps in the road here and there but we work through each of them one day at a time! I'm still amazed at how relatively simple having three kids has been. I really thought it would be more of a big deal. I guess once that first child paves the way.. you're just doing more of the same!


WendyJanelle on Monday, 03 March, 2008 said...

What a great update I feel like I know them!
Too bad you don't live close by, we'd have some fun (maybe wild and crazy) playdates! Trevor & Ethan sound so much like your Carter. Isabelle is like a twin to Madison. And Sam and Oliver are within 2-months of each other.

The obession with food is funny. We feel your pain. I seriously vacuumed THREE times today. He eats everything!! Just when I think everything is off the floor, the rascal has something in his mouth again!! ;-)

K.T. is Mommatude on Tuesday, 04 March, 2008 said...

He is TOO CUTE!!I havent seen him since he was an infant,up close.Wow,he is getting so big!!

Whatever you do for your kids to make them play well together,please come to my house and teach it to my kids...LOL.They fight almost all day every day with each other,well,just Jaxen and Kyla-Kendall is "switzerland" when it comes to stuff like that!

Mandy on Tuesday, 04 March, 2008 said...

lol KT!! Well, mine have their moments! A few months back they were fighting ALL OF THE TIME and I was DONE with it. I told them that from then on they needed to play nicely together and work out their problems without screaming and fighting, or they both got to go to their beds to "calm down" no matter who started it. After a day or two of both of them being stuck in their dark rooms, LAYING in their beds.. they figured out how to get along and work things out. lol They have their moments but they're much fewer now. Carter tends to aggrivate Madison so I am sensitive to her feelings and try to get him away from her or to calm down around her before a fight breaks out. As he matures, things get better!

Amanda & Justin Dreyer on Thursday, 06 March, 2008 said...

Almost makes me not scared to have children!!!

Anonymous said...


i love the updates!

and i LOVE the pictures. more baby pics!

i hope y'all had fun in the snow!

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