Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Presidential Woes

Posted by Mandy at 9:37 AM
The Presidential election is on its way! Soon we'll find out who the two candidates will be... anyone else getting a bit nervous over this? The four front runners are Hillary and Obama for the democrats and John M. and Mike H. for the republicans. Who ya rootin' for? I'm still on the fence. I am usually a pretty hard core republican. Mainly due to the pro-life issue. I have a hard time voting for anyone that's nonchalant on the abortion topic. I'm not extreme, but I do want SOME restrictions. But, lately other issues have become quite important to me as well. Health care is HUGE right now. As well as education. I HATE the No Child Left Behind Act. I feel like all it did was leave every child behind. School is just too hard for most kids... and it's no fun. If learning isn't fun in Kindergarten, how do we encourage learning for life? Also, the environment is a big issue for me. I feel like most of us are just floating through life with our fingers crossed that global warming isn't really happening, when ALL evidence shows it is. It scares me how little is being done about it and how little most Americans are willing to do to help with environmental issues. (just switch your light bulbs and recycle and you'll do SO MUCH GOOD! Begging you folks here!) The war in Iraq, of course, is a hot topic as always. I can't comment much on it. I hate that we're still there and it seems like we'll always be there. Putting myself in the shoes of another family that's mom and/or dad is on its way right now to Iraq, again, for another year+ long tour is just really hard. Pull out and come home or stay the course? Somewhere in the middle? I dunno.... I'm not expert on military details. I just wish we'd see something change there and soon! So many issues. My main problem with elections is not trusting any of the candidates. They all talk a big game, but will they follow through? If I were to vote democrats I think I'd go with Hillary. *gasp* Obama just doesn't have enough experience, in my opinion. She's at least been in the White House and should be fairly familiar with the goings on there. I think she'd have the economy whipped into shape and health care would probably be changed in some way. If I were to vote Republican, I'm just on the fence. I need to research John M. more before I comment much. The one thing I don't like about Mike H. is that he really screwed over education here in AR from what I've read and heard from my friends that are teachers... so if seems like if he takes office we'd get more of the same education wise. Oh decisions decisions! I don't know if I have enough months left to pick! Anyone know when we'll know who the two candidates will be? Is there a date set for that?


K.T. is Mommatude on Thursday, 21 February, 2008 said...

I am not completely sure I am satisfied where its all going this year either-You and I,actually seem to be on the same page with most topics-although,technically I am an independant.


WendyJanelle on Thursday, 21 February, 2008 said...

Should I speak or keep my mouth shut...hmmm...
well, I agree with you on the pro-life issue. Although you probably would call me extreme. A life is a life. Period. I am totally and positively against abortion. Every other issue is secondary to me, if even the life of one child was spared.

Education-- I agree with you. There need to be changes. I don't think a teacher in the world is happy with No Child Left Behind.

Health-- yikes. Hillary's plan scares the pants off me. That would head us towards a socialist government... a kind of twisted Robin Hood of sorts.

Illegal Immigration is also an issue for me...

This is a tough voting year! :-( Argh.

Amanda Dreyer on Monday, 25 February, 2008 said...

I don't know who Wendy is but I agree with her. I am not on the fence about abortion. It is the biggest and most important topic. Honesty and Godliness are the biggest deficits facing politicians. I may not 100% agree with Huckabee but he has both. It sickens me when a politician bends with the popular vote and has no backbone. I can only imagine how they will sway when the bribes start coming in. I also am puzzled how Christians can vote for pro abortionist and pro homosexual is that not a contradiction in terms. I would much rather God be upset are our education plan is bad than why we kill so many babies. I am a strong Huckabee supporter even though I don't see him making it but I do think its too early to start picking the lesser evil just yet.

Justin Dreyer

WendyJanelle on Monday, 25 February, 2008 said...

Amen! It's just downright bizarre to me that republicans have put McCain where he is. He does NOT represent what republicans are supposed to stand for! Either Christians are being willfully ignorant of the issues, or they have bought into the "live and let live" philosophy, or they are not voting!!

Who is standing up to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves? This is a huge election. Laws will change and be repealed. The consequences for our country are enormous.

Yes, think about education and illegal immigration and what's good & green for the world...but the biggest issue for me will ALWAYS be life.

That said, I think it's awesome that you are putting a lot of thought into this. Politics do matter. :-)

Mandy on Tuesday, 26 February, 2008 said...

I'm actually quite pro-life, didn't mean to sound otherwise... I just personally know one of my sister's friends that truely was on her death bed b/c she was pg... she did terminate the pg to save her own life and I can't fault her for that. So, when I say I'm not "extreme" that's the kind of thing I mean. I think we'd probably have about 99.9% of abortions stopped if we only allowed for health of the mother cases. I also don't want to make a woman that's been raped carry a baby that may result from it. Do I think God wants her to abort? No.. never... but having never been in those shoes I just can't say that someone should have to do that. What upsets me is that Republicans, as I said, don't care much about our environment. God tells us to care for this earth and we just don't... it's very concerning to me.

silly me on Tuesday, 26 February, 2008 said...

huckabee. period. and hoping for mccain as vice president.

hillary?! really?! omg!

i'd take obama before her and that's sayin' somethin'.

pro-life to the extreme. period.

global warming? you need to hear matthew's view on that!

immigration is a big deal to me as well. my heart breaks for the lupitas and luis' of america. they only want what we have and most of them work 15X as hard as any of us.

gooooo MIKE!

Amanda Dreyer on Wednesday, 27 February, 2008 said...
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Amanda Dreyer on Wednesday, 27 February, 2008 said...

yeah Mandy I didn't think you were pro choice. I also agree with the 99.9 % idea. I was just so shocked to see a few Christians supporting Hillary.

I am getting into the Green movement a bit I have gladly retired all my incandescent bulbs and have completely insulated our house FUN FUN


Mandy on Thursday, 28 February, 2008 said...

lol I heard you guys were remodeling the house... we redid our ENTIRE house before we moved into it... floors, walls, counter tops.. pick a feature! I know your pain... well, Clayton knows your pain ;)

I think the reason some Christians are supporting Hillary is for the same reasons I stated. Everyone's so upset with so much that's been going on with Bush in the past 4yrs, I think there's a lot of fear that if another Republican is in office next term it'll be more of the same. So they want a democrat, and don't trust Obama... so Hillary is the only one left. lol What I find odd is how the south is called the "Bible Belt" yet it seems the majority of ppl down here consider themselves democarts. I'm with K.T.... I have to categorize myself as an independant.

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