Friday, January 25, 2008

In the past week

Posted by Mandy at 11:32 AM

I've learned to:

*push myself up to sitting all by myself

*say dada, mama, and bye-bye

*say 'mama' while crying to make mommy come even faster

*get cheerios, fruit puffs, and other small finger foods into my mouth, all by myself

*crawl on my hands and knees (but only when highly motivated aka. food, the cat's in the house, my brother or sister just out of reach...)

*pull up and nearly fall out of my crib causing my mattress to be put at the lowest level, which made mommy cry because it now looks like a big baby bed, not a newborn bed.

*pull up and nearly fall out of the cosleeper, which also made mommy cry because now that means I'm sleeping in the pack -n- play by mommy's bed, and not the cosleeper. (and mommy will likely never get to use the cosleeper again)

*babble very loudly and realize it gets me lots of fun attention

All of this in one week's time. Amazing what a talented 7 month old I am. More to come! Just wait and see.


Maury Draper on Friday, 25 January, 2008 said...

Cute makes me miss my babies!!!

K.T. is Mommatude on Friday, 25 January, 2008 said...

He is getting too big!

I miss those baby stages too...

Shelley on Saturday, 26 January, 2008 said...

wow he looks like Carter in that picture!!

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