Monday, December 17, 2007

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Posted by Mandy at 2:24 PM

Here is Sam in the Ergo... now almost stable enough to ride on my back. He definitely likes being facing me tummy to tummy better (closer to the groceries) but I can see that this back hold is going to be great in the future! The one disadvantage to the back hold with an infant is they have total access to your hair... even if you pull it up those little hands grab it! This is something we'll work out when toddlerhood is here. All of you Ergo users, what age did you start using the back hold more than the front hold? And, does anyone like the hip hold? Samuel isn't quite big enough for that yet, but I tried it anyway and it wasn't all that comfortable.. maybe when he's bigger?


WendyJanelle on Monday, 17 December, 2007 said...

Wow! My little man is 8-months and I haven't yet attempted a backhold. He faces outward in the Bjorn.
Cute pic, too! I can see that he's contemplating the hair-pulling...

Shelley on Monday, 17 December, 2007 said...

I stuck mine on MIKE's back at about 9 months. Once they were that fat, they made my back hurt!!

Mandy on Monday, 17 December, 2007 said...

lol Shelley.. that's what I'm running into with Samuel.. he's so big for his age that my body is starting to complain with him in front for very long.. yet his body isn't stable enough for the back hold yet. I guess I'll tough it out for a while longer!

Brandy on Tuesday, 18 December, 2007 said...
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