Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Posted by Mandy at 9:04 AM
Madison is doing great in school. She's 4 levels higher in reading than the average 1st grader, and above average on everything else as well. So, imagine my shock when we get her nine weeks progress report and find that she has 99's in everything.... except writing. In writing she has an 85B. It's an okay grade, but I know she's above average in writing.. so why the lower grade? SHE'S BORED!! She's rushing through her worksheets and getting points taken off b/c the letters aren't formed perfectly. When I ask her about it she says, "Why do I have to do a letter B worksheet? That's BABY work!" *sigh* Yes.. to her that's "baby work" and she's frustrated with having to do it. (I'd be frustrated about having to write the letter 'b' 20 times when I already knew how to do it as well) So... what's a mom to do?! I am understanding more and more why people homeschool. I like that she's in school.... but I don't like several things about school. Like that it's too long, there's not enough "free play" or creative time, and their ability to work with students at THEIR level is just extremely limited. Why can't we have a Montisorri (sp?) School here?! That is my dream... I think we need to move to Little Rock.. I 'think' there's one there. Ugh... I just feel like there isn't an option that really suits us. Clayton would never let me homeschool... but I'm feeling less and less satisfied with the public school system. We can't afford to send 3 kids to private school.. and the one here only goes to 6th grade anyway. (why is that?) This must be why people get together to form Charter Schools... Sorry for the rant.. just really frustrated right now!


Brandy on Wednesday, 19 September, 2007 said...

ummmm.....we'll talk tonight. :) and don't think i'm gonna push homeschooling....that's so not how i do things. but i might (and i repeat MIGHT, because i in no way have everything figured out) can shed some light if i know better what you really want, like, don't like about school, and why it is clayton is opposed to homeschooling. tj was dead set against it, too, till we met the hattons and i started praying for his wisdom when it came to how we chose to educate our girls.

Mommatude on Wednesday, 19 September, 2007 said...

I understand that frustration very well,especially today.....I think they need accelerated classes-at least-in elementary,I fear that kids will get bored early and continue on the wrong path.....

Anonymous said...

We had experiences similar to that off-and-on with our kiddos. One thing we found is that some of it is development stages. What is boring now may be challenging in three months.

We're all at different learning levels, and some folks are able to tailor their child's learning, but sometimes, things work themselves out.

I think it's a symptom of our highly individualized culture to want the very best "right now."

For our family, we made a strategic choice not just to send our kids to public schools but to embrace the educators and administrators. We support them in order to have a godly and informed influence on the educational process. If everyone were to withdraw from the system who could positively influence it...

With all that said, I am a fan of parents involvement in their children's lives... Period. Whatever you are able to do, go for it! ;)

Maury Draper on Wednesday, 19 September, 2007 said...

I wish you the best. My sister spent her entire education totally bored....and it affected her in a negative way. She would miss a ton of school, come back after missing the entire lesson, and ace the test. Teachers never even made her make things up when she missed. This happened every grade, and I think they were wrong for not making her make up the work, that only taught her that b/c she was smart, she was above the rules of the other kids...she honestly had that attitude.

I am homeschooling, but I didn't really choose it b/c of educational reasons....I just chose it to spend more time with our kids b/c of our work lifestyle, and for health reasons with my oldest. BUT, that being said now that I am in to it and I see how differently just my kids learn, I am seeing ton of benefits. I begin this to just "try" it for a year or two, and now I am for once thinking into the future with it, and planning out things I will do for years to come. It actually makes me excited.

I would have NEVER imagined homeschooling my children. I didn't even consider it until halfway through Noah's 4 yr preschool year. I was very against it. And now, I really like it.

There are a lot more choices of schools up here in LR, but I don't think that would really be a solution either. Pretty much if it is better, it costs money to send them. At least that is what I found.

I have no advice for you despite the long post! Ha Ha.... I just hope everything works out for the best for you!

Shelley Smith on Saturday, 22 September, 2007 said...

mine are bored too, and I remember that I always was as well...but the older they get, the more options there are with G/T type programs and I remember loving all that. The Continental Math League and Quiz Bowl were some of my favorite things.
Hang in there!

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