Monday, August 27, 2007

Thanks Journey!

Posted by Mandy at 11:01 AM
The kids and I visited Journey for the first time this Sunday. Everyone was SO welcoming and friendly... it was truly wonderful! I enjoyed everything about it to be honest. The people were great, the service was laid back (as the entire day in general!), there were kids bouncing around everywhere (which is my kind of atmosphere!), and everyone seemed genuinely excited that we were there. I didn't realize how many ppl I knew that went there! wow! Madison knew many of the children already, and Carter was so happy that Ashton was there. (and that's all he's talked about since lol) Samuel got passed around and loved on by everyone, something he's always happy to participate in. :) The sermon was so powerful to me that it actually left me feeling exhausted. I haven't been touched like that in a very long time.

So now the hard part starts. Our search for a new church home. We loved Pauline, and we loved Journey. Hmm... decisions decisions. One of the big things that might lead us to Journey is they don't have the same rules and regulations as many other churches. Since we've gone to the Presbyterian church, we'd all have to be baptised AGAIN just to become members of Pauline... and as a wise friend of mine said recentely (you may give yourself credit lol) "Baptism wasn't meant to be a membership fee..." That's exactly my feelings on the topic as well. I also don't agree with "closed communion" and see it as the complete opposite as the way Jesus would want it. Could I join a church that had these rules and upheld them? I'm thinking no... in the long term I know I'd be unhappy with all of the disagreements. But, I'm trying to keep my heart and head open to where God leads us. (he seems to be doing a great job of leading us already)

So, thank you Journey folks! You made a fantastic first impression. :)


Jacqueline said...

Mandy, I am so glad you had such a wonderful Sunday. The feeling of comfort in God's house is a great thing!

Oh and you are going to have to help me set up a blog on here... I NEED TUTORING!! HA!

Lou Arnold on Monday, 27 August, 2007 said...

We would love to have ya'. Ashton always loves having Carter around.

Shelley Smith on Tuesday, 28 August, 2007 said...


I went through this struggle early this year. I got my answer easily, and I hope you do, too!

Brandy on Tuesday, 28 August, 2007 said...

you know we enjoyed having you. looking forward to wed. night!

Anonymous said...

Wow! We were just thrilled to have you! It was such an encouragement to see your smiling face, and I hope Clayton gets a chance to come soon!

I haven't been pulled over since the whole tire-changin' thing, but I still hope to cash in on that. Of course, I doubt I'll be pulled over for speeding on Ghost... ;)

We'd love to have you guys come back!!!

Mandy on Tuesday, 28 August, 2007 said...

lol Jackie! I was the same when I started! Go to and you can probably figure it out. :)

Misty on Tuesday, 28 August, 2007 said...

So glad to see you and your kiddos there. You're definitely right about the kids bouncing everywhere...and we love it that way too! I know God will give you an answer about what fellowship of believers you should be a part of. So glad y'all came to worship with us!

Maury Draper on Tuesday, 28 August, 2007 said...

Wow, I knew you would get a lot of encouragement from everyone from Journey. I have never been there, but it seems like a neat place! I have been struggling lately about where to attend too, and I have to totally agree about the baptism thing getting you into a shouldn't be that way! I wish you the best! And, yes, I would love to meet you sometime! You need to come to Suzanne's one day that I go, and we can play with our...TEN kids together!

jenny on Wednesday, 29 August, 2007 said...


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