Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Posted by Mandy at 6:34 AM
I feel like Supermom! Yesterday I had my first 'real' outing with all of the children by myself. I took them to the library and then to McDonald's for a rare treat of fast food and video games at the same time. lol It went pretty well.. I felt quite proud of my accomplishment when we got back home.

So, speaking of the library... has anyone been there lately? With their young children? While people are there on the computers? *sigh* First off, as soon as we walked through the door I got dirty looks from two different women that were sitting at the computers... even though ALL of my kiddoes were being totally silent little angels. I quickly realized that we could not hang out and look through books there like I had planned so my 'fun' day I had planned (mainly for madison because she loves the library) went down the drain. I spent the 10 minutes we were there rushing her to hurry and find some books so we could go because anytime Carter would whisper anything to me people would look over at us and give us the evil eye. (is it MY fault the library is so poorly designed?! Sorry that the 'work station' was put directly by the kids' area!! It's our library too folks!) The frustrating thing for me was that my kids were actually being REALLY good! Carter was even being quiet and doing what he was supposed to be doing... but that just wasn't good enough for some of those people I guess. I was feeling really looked at as we stood in line for FIVE MINUTES (which IS a long time with a squirmy baby and even more squirmy 3 year old) and Carter started getting into the stacks of books around us and Samuel started fussing. I finally get to the checkout line and had to get a library card (we usually use Clayton's) which was not easy with all that was going on. We finally got out of there! I told Madison that I'd have Daddy sit home with the boys next time and just she and I would go. We could both use the quiet time!

Thankfully McDonald's went much better! Samuel slept in the Ergo the entire time (which is the best thing EVER by the way... the Ergo) and Madison and Carter actually ate some food and took turns without complaining on the games. (anyone else find it odd that McDonald's... who's constantly under fire for "making people fat", would put video games in? So now kids can SIT and eat burgers and fries... YES!!) I even sprung for milk shakes before we left because I was so proud of them for being so good all morning. Too bad not all people could appreciate how good they were being.. but oh well... some people are just miserable I suppose. Must they make a point of making us happy people miserable too, though? I mean, I haven't slept in many months from being pg and now from having a newborn and I've been kinda cooped up for the past 3 weeks with all of the kids since I can just now really drive.. but I'm not out biting people's heads off... not yet at least. Though that one girl at the computer area did almost get it... ;)


Brandy on Tuesday, 10 July, 2007 said...

a good friend of mine is letting me go with her to their library in little rock. i'm lOVING it! not only do they have a ridiculous selection of audio books and videos and books, but a whole floor is for the kids' section. it really aggravates me that our library system does not allow anyone to check out books anywhere. as a homeschooler, the library is very important. i've actually always found our library's workers to be very helpful and accepting of the children...i'm sorry your visit was different...but there just isn't much to choose from, and my request for books hasn't often worked.

K.T. and her family of crafters. on Tuesday, 10 July, 2007 said...

To be honest we dont use the library often here.....it kind of feels like a little prison for children here..and I have more books for children anyway,LOL.I havent been to the one in Little Rock but I used to love the one in Pine BLuff(when I was a child).

We havent been inside McDonalds since they installed the new stuff...sounds cool though.

Mandy on Tuesday, 10 July, 2007 said...

The workers were friendly.. it was the other people in there that weren't lol.

Brittany on Tuesday, 10 July, 2007 said...

I totally understand...I had to take Cayson to a wedding on Saturday. Ugh! He was really good, for a 10 month old. I had my arsenal of supplies, cookies, puffs, juice, toys, etc., ready and that helped. But I definitely got some evil eyes. But what am I to do? I live in a new place where all my eligible babysitters go to church with me and are at the wedding. And the bride is our children's coordinator at church so I have to be there, plus she's one of my good friends. And my husband had to run the sound. I just wanted to tell the evil-eye people that if they didn't want kids at the wedding they should provide a nursery! LOL. Fortunately, Cayson wasn't the only baby there. There were probably 3 or 4 more, and lots more noisy. ;) Oh well, sorry your library visit was less than ideal!

Shelley Smith on Wednesday, 11 July, 2007 said...

We go to the library a lot, and honestly, I don't care what the "computer users" think of my kids sometimes loud whispers, because half those adults on the pc's are on their cell phones and chatting back and forth anyway!
They make more noise than my kids do, sending and receiving text messages, and making it a social thing.
Jordan is 7, and reads on a much higher level. I am very disappointed in the selections available for her.

Maury Draper on Thursday, 12 July, 2007 said...

Yes, the libraries (is that how you spell that?) in Little Rock are awesome! There are several here depending on where you want to go. The one downtown has an entire floor dedicated to the little ones. Seems like all the little kids are noisy at the libraries here and nobody seems to care! You get to keep the books for a whole month, so maybe everyone should start having a monthly LR library day!

chickadee on Monday, 10 September, 2007 said...

i'm not sure where you are? pb?

email me about getting a gateway card so that you can use the little rock library. i'll explain it to you.

i tend to ignore the mean people.

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