Friday, July 13, 2007

One month old

Posted by Mandy at 8:11 AM

Somehow my little man turned one month old today. It's amazing how quickly time goes by. He's starting to stay awake more during the day, and also he's sometimes harder to get down for naps. (this morning is one of those times... he's asleep attatched to me in the Ergo as I type) He's smiled once or twice but still nothing regular.. he opens his mouth a lot when he's awake and grunts and sometimes lets out loud 'sighs' that show he's really trying to talk to us now. I can't wait for those sweet baby coos! He looks more and more like his siblings as he fills out.. and he's at the point now where I swear some mornings i look at him and ask, "Did you get bigger overnight?" He goes on really long "nursing sprees" as I call them about once a day. He'll just fuss and cry unless he's eating.. and this lasts anywhere from 1 to 3 HOURS. I've learned that after 30 minutes of nursing.. he's not hungry.. and I can stick him in the Ergo and clean the house or something and he'll pass out. (which is what we did this morning) He's doing pretty well most nights... sleeping 3 hours, up to eat, back to sleep for 3 more hours, up to eat, back to sleep for another hour or two... other nights he's up every hour. (last night was not so great...) I still enjoy getting that quiet time with him most of the time though. During the day when I sit to nurse him I've got my two 'helpers' on either side wanting to kiss him and rub on him.. which is sweet, but let's be honest, after this happens multiple times a day you just want them to go away so your newborn will stop chomping down on you everytime they scare him with a sudden kiss or squeel. lol Life seems to be pretty normal. It's as though he's always been here. He's outgrowing clothes already and it's killing me. I took millions of pictures the other day of him in the outfits I bought for him that he's already getting too big for. Realizing I'll never get to use them again almost makes me sick to my
stomach... I have such a hard time letting go of ANYTHING.. especially baby and kids' clothes. Oh well.. onto the next chapter of life! I know God will bless it just as he's blessed this one! It's going to be wonderful!


Lee Ann James on Friday, 13 July, 2007 said...

1 month already?!?! how did that happen? Your kids are gorgeous...what a great picture of them in the yard! We need to get together soon!!!

Mandy on Friday, 13 July, 2007 said...

Maybe tonight?

Lou Arnold on Friday, 13 July, 2007 said...

He is one month old already. Wow!!
Time sure does fly by really fast. It just seems like yesterday that you had him.

suzanne on Saturday, 14 July, 2007 said...

they're beautiful!!

i know how it is with the baby clothes. i just keep stashing them to go through 'em later and make a big quilt. if you so desire, i'll do the same for yours.

Jason on Saturday, 14 July, 2007 said...

Love your Site. enjoy reading.

Allison on Sunday, 15 July, 2007 said...

Happy Birthday Mandy! :)

BTW, what is an Ergo and do I need one?? :)

Mandy on Monday, 16 July, 2007 said...

Allison, an Ergo is a baby carrier.. it allows you to "wear" your baby which, most seasoned moms will tell you, is a MUST. lol There are several things you can buy (slings, wraps, snugglis, etc) but out of all of the things I've used in the past 6yrs of being a mom, the Ergo is by far the best and most versitle! I got pics of Samuel in it.. I"ll post them soon so you can see :) I'd definitly spend the cash to get one if I were you.. I wish I'd have gotten this with my first!

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