Thursday, May 31, 2007

Brain? Hello?

Posted by Mandy at 1:33 PM
I am 100% in Baby Land right now... which is the pregnant woman's version of "La La Land." 2 weeks and 4 days to go until the Csection date.. and it's "almost" all I can think of. I'm getting nervous about having to undergo surgery again.. but I have abundant faith it will go smoothly. I'm INSANELY excited to meet Samuel and to have him with us. Feeling his entire body rolling around inside of me now is so amazing... I can pick out his bottom, his back, his knees, and his feet. (they're all nice and snug under my rib cage...) We've got the crib totally ready (not that he'll sleep in it) and the cosleeper all assembled and the sheets for it washed. (not that he'll sleep in that either...) All that's lacking is him! Braxton Hicks contractions have taken over my life.... stopping me in my tracks by day, waking me up by night. I feel like a whale... the 9th month is glorious physically isn't it? I'm as big as I could possibly ever be, well, at least until this time next week when, amazingly, I will grow even bigger. Clayton seems to be soaking my appearance up this time... seeing as how the "plan" is for this to be the last baby. I was in the pool with the kids this afternoon (yes, in a bathing suit...) and he begged me to let him get the camera to take my picture. Is he absolutely crazy?! I know... I will miss being pregnant when I'm not anymore... I will think back fondly on my belly... but there is really no need to immortalize me in a picture at this stage! Let me put on a complete outfit that I feel decent in and THEN we can take 9 month pregnant pictures. So... I'm just in a whirlwind right now of wanting my baby boy in my arms and out of my womb and all that comes with that excitement and nervousness. I feel "nesting" coming on, which means I'll be even more psychotic about the house being clean than I normally am. (my poor family.. pray for them..) I told Clayton today that if he wore his shoes inside the house one more time, and tracked grass and/or dirt in the house one more time, I would be sending him divorce papers. We'll see if our marraige will stand up until the baby comes. ;)


K.T. on Thursday, 31 May, 2007 said...

I remember those days....I would love to see a pic of havent had some pg pics done profesionally?I wish I had now-I know a wonderful photographer....LOL!!!

Brandy on Friday, 01 June, 2007 said...

it's almost here, girl! although, i was actually the opposite with #3...i kept sayin' "i need another day, lord." "gimme one more day" ha!

hang in there! i can't wait to see that little guy! and just let me know if you want to sneak in a visit to the park, or a play day here before he gets here!

Michael said...

I think everyone has one of those pics take a look at this one! :-)

Lou Arnold on Saturday, 02 June, 2007 said...

You are counting down the days, I am sure. Good luck with the delivery. Hopefully you won't divorce Clayton before then.

Mandy on Saturday, 02 June, 2007 said...

LOVE that pic, Michael! If I looked as cute now as Lou did then, I wouldn't hesitate to be in a picture! :)

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