Thursday, May 17, 2007


Posted by Mandy at 11:05 AM

Here I am. I know.. not a great belly picture but it's all I have right now and I figured it's better than nothing. Sharing pics of myself 8.5 months pg is hard enough... you're lucky I was brave enough to post this at all. lol In reality, that was at Carter's bday party so I'm probably even bigger than that as I sit here today. Oh well.. what can ya do, right? Just thank God for that sweet baby that's making you stick out all over! :)

I want to ask everyone to pray for Clayton and his safety and the other police officers in our area. I don't have the stomach to even talk about what all is going on right now... but it's gang related and the "initiation" process is to shoot a police officer. I'm very afraid for his safety, and ours too. Seeing him and the other police officers on such high alert makes me more nervous. The more serious they take these things, the more serious I know they are. So just please... if you think of us during your day or night, please say a prayer. Word is this weekend will be a bad one and of course Clayton is working the night shift and will be out in the thick of it. I'm afraid for him to be out working, I'm afraid to be here alone... I know I am not in control and that it is all in God's hands. That offers both peace and fear to me.

On a much brighter note... my shopping trip last weekend went great! My mom bought Samuel's crib bedding, which is just so adorable!, and I got a great new double stroller for only $89!! (full price from walmart in Cabot... sweet right?!) I bought a really cool swaddling blanket called "Swaddle Me" that i cannot wait to try out. (it velcros closed in a few places so once you get them wrapped all snug in there, they can't break out!) And, yes guys, I did get a breast pump. lol We are down to only about 4.5 weeks to go until D-Day... I am filled with pure joy and excitement! I've yet to feel afraid or nervous about adding him to the family... I just really cannot wait! I feel like we've waited forever for him.. I cannot wait to hold him in my arms and see his little face and know he's real! Not much longer! He will really be here before we know it!


K.T. on Thursday, 17 May, 2007 said...

Gorgeous picture of you nonetheless!!!I will definitely be thinking about you all during this time and praying for Clayton.Hang in there gal!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh you look so cute pregnant! You need to take more pics! -Allison H.

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