Monday, February 19, 2007

Oh the fear

Posted by Mandy at 1:09 PM
At small group one night Clayton had to rush out to respond to a possible drunk driver. Bonnie nearly had a hear attack and she kept asking how I could stand seeing him put on all of that protective gear and rush out of the room without crying. (been seeing it for a few years now I guess? lol) The truth is I think I finally gave that fear over to God.. I had to! I couldn't sleep at all when he was working nights for almost the entire first year he got on the highway. I worried about EVERYTHING. Now, I have just one thing that strikes huge amounts of fear into me... and it just happened. Clayton is out now working overtime (that's my dedicated man! Working hard for his family!) and as I was sitting here reading everyone's blogs, I heard several sirens coming down the highway towards our house. I stopped reading and forced myself to look out of the window, praying they were not coming to my house. I prayed "Dear God PLEASE let them go past our road.. please let them go past our road.." and thank the Lord they did. There would be nothing worse than seeing police cars pull up at our house... it would mean just one thing and I don't even want to think about it. I actually had a pretty big contraction I was so unnerved by the experience. That's only happened once before in the almost two years we've lived here. I think it scared me a lot more the first time! So, I guess I do still have fear. I guess it's more of knowing the reality.

On a happier, (much happier) note concerning my big man.... He was at headquarters the other day and his Sgt. called him in to read an email from Main HQ in Little Rock... about Clayton! There are a few different overtime 'themes' they can work.. clayton mainly works DWI overtime. He has a passion for making the roads safe... for getting idiots off of them and hopefully changing their lives in the process and saving someone else's as well. Well, it seems they keep a record, in the entire state, of the ratio of DWI hours worked compared to number of drunks gotten.. and clayton is NUMBER ONE IN THE STATE! In the ENTIRE state police.. Clayton got the most drunks in the hours he's worked. I am beyond proud. :) There is this fantastic banquet they put on each year for the top guys... we're invited! Problem is.. it's in June.. our baby boy is due in June! Yikes! I hope it's early in the month! lol So I'm just so so proud of him... I could dedicate an entire post to my husband and what he means to me and how fantastic he is in all areas of life. God really blessed me with him... to say the absolute least. I love that I have a spouce that I absolutely respect, love, look up to, and trust with all of my heart. Even after almost 10 years together he STILL melts me... love is my most favorite thing!


K.T. on Monday, 19 February, 2007 said...

Sounds like you have one awesome man there!!!!I know about giving those fears over to GOD,I used to have lots of fears....and I have mad leaps and bounds in overcoming them!!!Congratulations to Clayton for being number 1(but I bet he was already number 1 to you and many others)!!!

Brandy on Tuesday, 20 February, 2007 said...

i'm impressed...way to go clayton! that is something to be very proud of. congrats!

Lee Ann James on Tuesday, 20 February, 2007 said...

Aww! Okay, I'm CRYING now...that's what this post did to me! You're so sweet! Congrats to Clayton...nabbin' those bad guys! Hope you get to go to the banquet...we'll watch Madison and Carter if you need us to!

Lou Arnold on Thursday, 22 February, 2007 said...

Congrats to Clayton! Glad to know that there are people out there taking care of us. I still can't believe it number one in the state.

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